How To Identify Sex Addiction

60k Learn Guitar downloads! DISCLAIMER and this video is an information resource to be used for educational purposes only. The information is not intended to serve as a substitute for professional medical advice and we recommend that all decisions about your treatment or products you wish to use should be discussed thoroughly and frankly with your doctor. Dr. Karen Stewart gives advice on identifying sex addiction. Dr. Karen attended James Madison College at Michigan State University and earned a BA in Social Relations. Dr. Karen graduated from the California School of Professional Psychology with a doctorate in clinical psychology, with an emphasis in families and couples work. Karen has had extensive training in relationship, couples and sex therapy and focused her studies on sexuality, sexual dysfunction and sexual desire disorders. She provides a range of psychological services including marital counseling and therapy, couples and sex therapy, and psychotherapy for individuals. She provides her clients with constructive ways of dealing with sensitive situations to ultimately improve their lives. More Relationship Advice From Dr. Stewart: How To Identify Sex Addiction: How To Identify Porn Addiction: How To Avoid Infidelity: How To Overcome Sexual Inhibition: How To Have Open Communication In A Relationship: How To Communicate Through Technology In A Relationship: How To Date A Co-Worker: How To Stay Friends With An Ex: How To Be 'Friends With Be Benefits': How To Discuss Marriage: More Videos From What Not To Do On A Date: How To Use Twitter: LA's Hottest Bartender: How To Flirt: How To Play FarmVille: How To Use iPhone 4: How To Read Body Language: How To Use Windows 7: How To Play Guitar Songs: How To Get A Job: Creative Commons Images: