3 Reasons I Questioned Taking Bipolar Medication

May 17, 2017 Hannah Blum

Like many, I was skeptical about taking bipolar medications. Find out why on my HealthyPlace bipolar blog

When diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder, I was skeptical about taking bipolar medications. If I had diabetes, I would not hesitate to take insulin. If I had the flu, I would take antibiotics with ease. So why was I hesitant to take bipolar medication?

Why Would I Question Taking Bipolar Medications?

  1. I would have to accept my diagnosis of bipolar 2 disorder. When I left the mental hospital, I was in denial about my diagnosis of bipolar 2 disorder. I figured the doctors made a mistake and awaited the phone call acknowledging the misdiagnosis. The call never came, and the longer I went without bipolar treatment, the more my mental health declined. I questioned taking bipolar medication to avoid accepting my diagnosis of a severe and long-term mental health condition.
  2. The side effects of bipolar medication. I was nervous about the serious side effects of bipolar medication, specifically weight gain and grogginess. I was either going to be sedated and silenced or untreated and out of control. It was evident the side effects of medicines were inevitable and potentially extreme. I was eager to ask my doctor, "When do we get to the good part of bipolar medication? Are there any benefits?"
  3. The challenging and prolonged process of finding a suitable combination bipolar medication. I did not believe it was possible to find a suitable combination of bipolar medication. It seemed like you had a better chance at winning the lottery than you did at finding a good treatment plan. I was in my early twenties and did not want to spend the majority of my time in and out of doctors offices. The idea that this challenging process could take months, if not years, made me apprehensive about taking bipolar medication.

The Reason I Started Taking Bipolar Medication

The reason I started taking bipolar medication was that I felt like it was selfish of me not to utilize the available resources. I considered my feelings about treatment, however, failed to consider the feelings of my family and friends. It was worth a shot if it put those closest to me at ease. I was determined to find medicines that would allow me to thrive as an individual. It took around four years to get on a treatment plan that worked. It was not easy. I spent nights ill over the toilet and crying on the bathroom floor, but it was worth it to be where I am today. There is a suitable combination of bipolar medication that will improve your quality of life. You deserve to live the life you want, regardless of your diagnosis.

Have you questioned taking medication for your bipolar disorder? If so, why? Please comment below or do a response video and share your thoughts directly with our audience at HealthyPlace. Send it into info @ healthyplace.com.

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