Feeling Stuck in Anxiety

January 28, 2015 Gabe Howard

Anxiety is debilitating and sometimes we feel stuck in anxiety but it doesn’t prevent a person from knowing what they want to do. I liken this to a car being stuck in the mud. The car is legitimately stuck, but the driver doesn’t want it to be. The driver is doing everything possible to free the car, so it can move again. Anxiety is a lot like that – trying to free ourselves from being stuck in anxiety – but the wheels keep spinning.

If you have ever had a vehicle stuck in the mud or snow, you know how frustrating it can be. You press the accelerator and expect to move, but you don’t. There may follow cursing, disbelief, and even an attempt to bargain with the mud and the car. Stuck is stuck, however, and requires something more, something to intervene between the car and the mud, something to help free the car.

Getting Out When You Feel Stuck in Anxiety

Are you feeling stuck in anxiety? Can you see where you want to go but can't get there. Here's how to get out of being stuck in anxiety.Getting out when you feel stuck in anxiety isn’t the easiest thing. Using the stuck in the mud analogy, it is easy to see what to do. Grab some kitty litter or sand to add traction. Get some strong friends. We know these techniques work, based on advice or direct experience.

Anxiety is much the same. There may be more trial and error and what works for one person might not work for another. This shouldn’t stop us from trying, it should encourage us. Every time we try a coping mechanism that fails, we are one step closer to finding one that works. Remember, to live well, we must find techniques that work for us and use them when we are stuck in anxiety.

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Author: Gabe Howard

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