Introduction to TJ DeSalvo, Author of ‘Anxiety-Schmanxiety Blog’

June 1, 2018 TJ DeSalvo

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I’m TJ DeSalvo, and I couldn’t be happier to be the newest writer of Anxiety-Schmanxiety Blog. To begin, a little about myself: I’ve been diagnosed with both generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder. I’m also on the autism spectrum, which, if you know anything about, causes you to become overwhelmed very easily, and this obviously doesn’t do any favors to someone with anxiety.

TJ DeSalvo’s Struggles with Anxiety

Though I was diagnosed as being on the spectrum when I was very young, it wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I received official diagnoses for my anxiety disorders. I had always been prone to stress, but being away at school made it such that I was, at times, barely able to function. Through a combination of therapy, medication, and, most importantly, the continued support of my family and friends, I got to the point where I was functioning as normal.

Despite that, anxiety has continued to play an ongoing, and at times major, role in my life. In college, I had to cut short a planned semester abroad after less than two weeks following a massive anxiety attack. Only a few years later, after entering graduate school with the end-goal of becoming an English professor, I became so overwhelmed that I locked myself in my room for several weeks. I eventually withdrew, knowing full-well that I was giving up the one biggest work-related dreams I’ve ever really had.

TJ DeSalvo Comes to Terms with Anxiety

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Thankfully, things are a little less hectic at the moment. I’m working for a non-profit in Chicago. I just adopted a cat. I recently finished writing a book about my experience with mental illness that I’m looking to get published. But – to be honest – things are never at 100%, and that’s something I’m still trying to come to terms with. Anxiety doesn’t just vanish after a few days like the flu – it’s something that will always be with me, something that I’m going to have to learn to live with for the rest of my life, regardless of how frustrating and difficult such a proposition may be.

That’s what I envision this blog to be – an ongoing attempt to try and come to terms with anxiety as best I can. I know there are an untold multitude of others who are in similar situations. If my blog manages to help even one of those others, I’ll consider my efforts to be a net gain.

More About TJ DeSalvo and His Goals for 'Anxiety-Schmanxiety Blog'

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August, 6 2020 at 11:02 am

Which do you think works better, trying to stay in anxiety-free situations or trying to become stronger and more tolerant of anxiety? The second seems like a better plan - anxiety will find a way round your best defences - but how do you become stronger?

August, 6 2020 at 2:44 pm

I don't think this is an either/or thing. You should try to be able to deal with anxiety as well as you possibly can, but if you know what makes you anxious, then it makes sense to take steps to prevent yourself from being in those situations.

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