Suicide Prevention: Bipolar Pain And Saving Yourself

October 22, 2013 Alexa Poe

Every October, I participate in the suicide prevention walk hosted by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), and every year I raise money for them, feeling as if I’m doing my part to somehow prevent all of the suicides that happen every day. Lately, though, it seems as if I’ve been hearing more and more about suicides and less about suicide prevention.

Suicide Prevention For Those 'Too Sensitive For This World'

Every year, the park in my city is filled with people of all ages and ethnicities, men and women. People talk and people cry. Mothers and fathers talk about their children who have taken their own lives, of spouses and parents. Last year, a woman talked about her daughter who took her own life, and she described her daughter in such a way that many of us felt as if she was talking about each of us as well. She said that she thought her daughter was just too sensitive for this world, and those words rung inside me and have stuck with me ever since.

Suicide prevention must be ongoing because there are always people who want to end the pain of bipolar disorder. Suicide prevention help is available. Read now.

Suicide Prevention Through Awareness That We're Not Alone

Since then, I’ve looked at my experiences differently than I used to. All of the times I’ve overreacted or cried, become overwhelmed and broke down. I’ve realized that I can’t be the only one who ever feels this way -- this sad, this sensitive.

Sometimes it gives me a little hope and confidence that a lot of people understand the things we go through more than some of us realize, and if some of us don’t think so, just remember all of the suicide survivors and what they’ve learned, and that there are many of us out there that you can talk to if you’re thinking about suicide or feel hopeless (Suicide Hotline Phone Numbers).

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