Thoughts on ED Recovery When the World Feels Heavy

April 22, 2023 Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer

At times when devastation from earthquakes exists and legislative restrictions against women and minorities are rampant, I view eating disorder (ED) recovery as superficial and inconsequential. Why should I bother to prioritize my own mental health when so many others lack access to the most basic, essential resources? Who cares about some trivial anxiety in the wake of countless horrific tragedies? I know that's not the most constructive inner monologue, but these are my thoughts on ED recovery when the entire world feels heavy. 

ED Recovery Still Matters When the World Feels Heavy

As bleak as my thoughts on ED recovery tend to be when the entire world feels heavy, this self-deprecation won't alleviate an ounce of human suffering. I can always find a reason to minimize my own life experiences, but that will do nothing to combat injustices or improve circumstances for anyone else. In fact, the more time I waste thinking about how frivolous my personal needs are in comparison to the latest global crisis, the more insular my focus becomes. Ultimately, if I indulge in this rumination, I choose to center on myself—which will provide zero solutions.

So, when the entire world feels heavy, and I am tempted to relegate ED recovery to the bottom of my priorities, it's a clear indication that my mental health requires more attention—not less. I cannot advocate for the fundamental rights of others if I carelessly brush aside my own wellbeing. I cannot summon the endurance to fight for causes I believe in while relapsing into unhealthy patterns of behavior.

If I want to make useful contributions to society at large, I have a responsibility to continue healing. Granted, this will not stop wars, discrimination, violence, or climate disasters. But all any one person can do is the work in front of them. For me, that includes a conscious effort to reframe my thoughts on ED recovery when the entire world feels heavy.     

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