Reducing Anxiety Caused by End-of-Year Pressure

October 6, 2019 Brandy Eaklor

You may be experiencing some end-of-year pressure as the fourth quarter starts because it is common to start thinking about all the things we set out to do and haven't yet. Maybe you wanted to lose weight or get a huge promotion. If you haven't hit those goals yet, you may feel the pressure to get it done before the year ends. This may cause you to feel overwhelmed, pressured, and anxious. If you're feeling anxious due to end-of-year pressure, continue reading below.

How to Take the End-of-Year Pressure Off

Let Go of Imaginary Deadlines

It may sound simple, but remember that deadlines are false requirements we make up. If you feel like you should have hit a certain goal by now and haven't, examine why you think you should have hit it by this specific time. Refocus, allow yourself to continue aiming for the goal, and don't put so much pressure on yourself to hit it by that "perfect" deadline.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

One of the main reasons you probably feel pressured is because you're consciously or unconsciously comparing yourself to others. We all have different challenges, starting points, and circumstances that affect when we achieve what we're after. Your journey is your own, and just because some people get to their goals faster doesn't mean anything about your own. Stay in your own lane, focus on your own growth, and you should start feeling better about where you're at. 

How to Reduce Anxiety and Pressure at the End of the Year

Show Yourself Some Grace

The end of the year is a time that many feel anxious during. In addition to feeling the pressure to hit certain goals, you may feel anxiety around spending extra money, seeing family, or finding the time to go gift shopping. If you feel your anxiety coming up, remind yourself that this is a stressful time of year for many and to show yourself some grace. 

Have a Morning Goal, Intention, and Gratitude Ritual

This ritual may be simple, but it has worked wonders for reducing anxiety for me. Each day, I write down one prioritized goal, one intention I have for the day, and what I am grateful for. Having a specific goal I'm aiming to hit each day makes me feel productive and in control. Setting the intention for the day is like a daily reminder to feel how you want to feel. An example of an intention is to "Celebrate how far I've come, no matter how much gets done." Lastly, I can always find something I'm grateful for. I try to push to feel grateful for things that are usually taken for granted like running water and electricity. These three things together keep me focused, but present all year round but especially when pressure is at its all-time high. 

If you have any tips for how you manage end-of-year pressure, comment below and let me know.

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