How to Cope With Feeling Lonely During the Holidays

December 8, 2019 Brandy Eaklor

Loneliness during the holidays is something many people go through, though it may not feel that way if you're the one experiencing it. It can be especially hard if you typically struggle with feeling lonely, with the holidays being a time for people coming together. In this article, we'll discuss how to cope with feeling lonely during the holidays. 

What to Remember When You Are Feeling Lonely During the Holidays

You're Not Alone

Hallmark movies show scenes of families getting together. Scrolling through social media, you may see a lot of the people you know spending more time with loved ones. Because of this, it can feel like you're the only one experiencing loneliness this holiday season. Although seeing these things can trigger feelings of isolation, it's important to remember you're not alone. Just like people are sharing their special moments with others, there are plenty of people who haven't posted anything because they feel like you do. 

Your Emotions Are Valid

Regardless of your situation, your emotions are completely normal and valid. Even if you do spend time with family, it's still possible to feel loneliness. If you have toxic family members, it could also amplify your feelings. Try to examine why it is you are feeling especially lonely during the holiday season. There are lots of reasons you could be feeling alone, but once you get to the root of the feeling, it is easier to manage.

How to Cope with Feeling Lonely During the Holiday Seasons

Change Your Perspective on Expectations

There is a lot of pressure during the holidays, and you may be expecting more out of yourself and others during this time. Remember that movie characters are unrealistic, and typical family gatherings aren't the way they look on screen. Even if the way they show love is flawed, keeping this in mind can help you feel less lonely. If you don't have a big family or are going through a loss of some kind, confiding in close friends can be helpful to combat loneliness during this time.

Practice Self Care

The relationship you have with yourself is as important, if not more important, than relationships with others. Focusing on your self-care and doing things that make you feel good can help ease feelings of loneliness. When you can be happy in your own company, it's easier to feel satisfied even when you aren't surrounded by others.

Connect with Others

Sometimes when we experience loneliness, it can be challenging to reach out to others. But surrounding yourself with others is one of the best ways to feel less lonely. Volunteering will not only allow you to be around other people but can make you feel better by doing something good. Seeking therapy can also be especially beneficial when feeling this way. 

Are you experiencing loneliness during the holidays? If so, what do you do to help combat it?

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