Embracing Your Sensitivity for Mental Wellbeing

October 16, 2023 Sammi Caramela

Embracing your sensitivity can be difficult in a society that often shames us for feeling too much or too deeply. Heavy emotions grip your gut. Memories send chills down your spine, reminding you of where you've been. The pain screams so loudly you can't ignore it. And it feels like you're the only one who's so sensitive and processing life at this capacity.

I have always felt everything in life so deeply. I've always been a sensitive soul. I think part of that has to do with the trauma I've endured, while another part was simply born this way. As someone who battles posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), I know what it's like to deal with overwhelming emotions — to carry the pain around with you every moment of every day. But I also know the beauty we can reap from that ability to feel and be sensitive. 

Trauma Adds to Sensitivity

Trauma can stir up strong emotions, causing people to become moody, anxious, sad, overwhelmed, or irritated.This can be overwhelming to manage, especially when you're still trying to process the traumatic event and all the feelings surrounding it. Often, these emotions stick with us for years after the event that triggered it.

In my experience, while I might've always been a sensitive soul, my trauma unveiled a more emotional side of myself. There's a melancholy that lives within me to this day, and though I have found ways to live with it, it can be overpowering at times. I often wonder whether I'm the only person who grapples with such intense grief. However, I've found that embracing my sensitivity has been an integral part of my healing.

Learning to Love Your Sensitivity

Often, sensitivity gets a bad reputation. Many people will throw around the word "sensitive" as an insult or a way to invalidate someone's emotions and experiences. In all actuality, sensitivity is a beautiful thing — if you can learn how to manage its force.

While it's important to understand how to regulate your emotions and reactions to stressors, it's also helpful to accept and even embrace your sensitivity. It isn't "wrong" or "bad" to feel deeply. It might hurt, but it's also a sign you are human and experiencing life fully. I often remind myself that sensitivity is a superpower. It's essentially a heightened ability to feel emotional and physical sensations and reactions.What a beautiful gift to have. Sure, the sadness might be deeper, but the joy and gratitude are, too. Don't be afraid to feel it all.

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