Experiencing Anxiety During the Holidays

December 21, 2023 Rizza Bermio-Gonzalez

I often find that I experience high levels of anxiety during the holidays. This can make it difficult to enjoy the holidays and to experience the season's festivities. It's also difficult to appreciate the holidays with elevated anxiety.

But this doesn't mean that there aren't ways to cope so that you can enjoy the holidays even though your anxiety tends to run high. I've learned that the holidays are still something that can be enjoyed despite struggling with anxiety. Managing anxiety becomes key during this time.

Experiencing Anxiety During the Holidays

Coping with anxiety during the holidays starts with being self-aware, taking the time to self-reflect, and making a note of the symptoms I am experiencing and how they are making me feel. I also try to identify any particularly stressful situations that may be contributing to my anxiety. Identifying things that may be causing me to experience stress can help me come up with a solution if it is possible.

Sometimes, it isn't, though. Sometimes, I'm just anxious because this is a normal thing for me, but it doesn't mean I have to allow it to make things harder during the holidays.

I've experienced loss during the holiday season, and I know this is one of the reasons I'm often anxious during this time. But I also think it is related to pressures that are abundant during this time of year.

So, I might find myself worried and wondering what might happen instead of focusing on the here and now. I might find myself endlessly trying to please others instead of allowing myself to enjoy the time of year. I also might find myself feeling overwhelmed with negative emotions that I can't quite identify.

Managing Anxiety Over the Holidays

I've learned that practicing mindfulness strategies are critical for managing anxiety over the holidays. This includes paying attention to the present and grounding myself by focusing on what my senses are taking in. This also includes deep breathing exercises that I've found are also helpful.

Additionally, I use methods like journaling to sift through and organize my thoughts. This helps me feel more in control and less as though I am being overrun by racing thoughts. It also helps me to put my racing thoughts into perspective so that I can identify what I can control and things I may need to let go of.

Lastly, I try to focus on what the holidays are about. Feeling grateful, spending time with loved ones, and celebrating traditions -- these are all things that make the holidays meaningful for me. Reminding myself of all this and continuously reflecting on it helps me feel less anxious.

Below, I've included a video on how I manage my anxiety during the holidays. Share any strategies you use in the comments below.

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Author: Rizza Bermio-Gonzalez

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