Bipolar Disorder Show Notes

March 4, 2009 admin

Thanks to all of you who tuned into our first live broadcast Tuesday evening! The HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show topic was "The Devastating Effects of Untreated Bipolar Disorder."

I want to formally extend my appreciation to Ted, our first guest, who
courageously came forward to share his story with all of us. Dr. Croft, Medical Director of and co-host of the TV show, also shared some great information about bipolar disorder. If you missed the show, don'tt worry! You can still view the show in it's entirety by clicking the on-demand button at the bottom of the player.

During the show, we played two clips from Ted's documentary about his struggle with bipolar disorder. One viewer, Janice, wrote in to say "Ted really went through a lot during the time he went untreated. I was really impressed how his wife stood by him and later took an active role in his recovery." Another viewer, Devon27, noted Ted was inspiring because he was so real in not only admitting his own shortcomings, but how having bipolar disorder impacted his family members. Devon27 says "my dad has bipolar disorder. I wish the knowledge of the illness that's available today was around 20 years ago. He made my life very unpleasant. I sent him a link to the show."

Visit the Bipolar Community if you are looking for more information on the signs, symptoms, causes and treatments of bipolar disorder. And if you are looking for bipolar support, I encourage you to join us on the Support Network.

and the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance also offer face-to-face support groups in many cities around the country.

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