Managing Your Panic Attacks TV Show Intro

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Imagine feeling your chest tighten and you cannot breathe. You know you're having a heart attack and you rush to the hospital only to be told there is nothing physically wrong with you.

For many people suffering from panic attacks , these symptoms can be a commonplace occurrence. These anxiety attacks can be completely debilitating, preventing people from living normal lives or even going to work. Panic attacks accompany a wide range of other mental illnesses such as depression and agoraphobia .

Panic attacks, however, are treatable. We'll be talking about that during the live HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show airing Tuesday, April 14th at 7:30p CT, 8:30 ET. Joining the show are two women who have successfully overcome their panic attacks . Our guests, along with's Medical Director, Dr. Harry Croft, will share several key points for those suffering from panic attacks. (Read Dr. Croft's blog post on How To Manage Your Panic Attacks .) You will be able to ask our guests and Dr. Croft questions during the live show, and during the second half of the show, you can ask Dr. Croft any mental health question that's on your mind.

If you suffer from panic attacks and want to share your story with us, produce a video on YouTube then email the link to Info AT

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