Sexual Addiction TV Show: First-Hand Stories of Sex Addiction

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The sexual addiction HealthyPlace TV Show interviews several sex addicts to discover what sex addiction is and how it affects life. Watch now.

Recently, several celebrities including, most famously, David Duchovny, have publicly faced 'sexual addiction'. What does it mean to have a sexual addiction? Isn't it normal to love sex?

Unfortunately, just as many people have a problem with alcohol, there are those whose sexual behavior consistently causes them trouble in their personal and professional lives. Sometimes referred to as hypersexuality or sexual dependency, sex addiction is a serious mental illness that can have serious consequences for its sufferers. Sex addicts display an incapability to control their sexual impulses and a long-term history of behavior centering around acting on their impulsive sexual desires (symptoms of sexual addiction). Often sex addicts report in their histories numerous failed attempts to stop.

Crossing the Line Into Sexual Addiction

It can be difficult to determine where normal sexual behavior deviates over into abnormal or unhealthy behavior, and the distinction is highly subjective. If you are concerned about whether or not you're dealing with sexual addiction, take our sexual addiction test.

During the live HealthyPlace TV show airing April 28th, our guests will describe what it's like living with sexual addiction and Medical Director, Dr. Harry Croft, will provide guidelines to help distinguish healthy sexual behavior from the unhealthy and what the treatment is for sexual addiction.

Identifying the unhealthy sexual behavior is only one part of the recovery process, and patients still need to know where and how to seek treatment. Not all psychologists and psychiatrists specialize in sexual behavioral issues. Friends and family of the patient may ostracize them because of the stigma associated with the problem or write off their diagnosis as unnecessary. Dr. Croft and our guests will address these issues and any other questions you have about sexual addiction during the live HealthyPlace TV show Tuesday at 7:30 PM CT, 8:30 ET.

During the second part of the show you will be able to ask Dr. Croft any question about mental health. He always gives a straight answer.

Watch the recorded Realities of Sexual Addiction video now.

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