Psychosis in Bipolar Disorder - Recap

September 18, 2009 admin

Why do people with bipolar disorder sometimes become psychotic and what's it like to experience this loss of reality in everyday life? That's what we talked about on Tuesday's HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show. It coincided with the introduction of our new Bipolar Psychosis section in the HealthyPlace Bipolar Community.

Our guest was mental health author and writer, Julie Fast. Julie has lived with bipolar disorder for over three decades and has endured many psychotic episodes throughout that time. Clearly, Julie has experienced many weird hallucinations and delusions, but she emphasized they can be managed effectively and discussed the various treatments for psychosis as well as management techniques.

Julie has a wealth of knowledge and experience on bipolar disorder. To get more information on her bipolar treatment plan, read the Gold Standard for Treating Bipolar Disorder or visit her website at

Click here f you missed the show on Bipolar Psychosis. Medical Director and TV show co-host, Dr. Harry Croft also went into great length about the symptoms, causes and treatments of psychosis in bipolar disorder that you don’t want to miss.

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