Alcohol Addiction and Holiday Sobriety

December 2, 2010 Holly Gray

The holiday season is fraught with stress, depression, and money problems for so many people that I'd imagine dreading this time of year is more the rule than the exception. It's no wonder then, that staying sober during the holidays is difficult at best. Managing alcohol addiction is no easy task regardless of the date on the calendar. But holiday sobriety presents its own unique challenges.

Alcohol Addiction and Holiday Stress

Finances are stretched, tension is high, and drinking is not just acceptable this time of year, but encouraged. The holiday season is ripe with situations that increase the pressure to drink. Even so, our guest on the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show stopped drinking in October three years ago.

Rachael Brownell's first few months of sobriety were the ones most commonly filled with anxiety, depression, and plenty of opportunities to drink away the stress. The author of Mommy Doesn't Drink Here Anymore, Rachael says that though staying sober during the holidays is hard, there are also more resources this time of year for people struggling with alcohol addiction.

  • rachael-brownellSupport. Alkathons are events held each year during the holiday season to help those in recovery find community and encouragement to stay sober. A combination of the words "alcohol" and "marathon," an Alkathon is a non-stop Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. (Visit the Alcoholics Anonymous website to find an A.A. meeting near you.)
  • Information. The internet is a great resource for articles, blog posts, and videos on alcohol addiction and sobriety. Google "staying sober during the holidays" for a wealth of personal accounts and tips for maintaining your recovery.

Video on Alcohol Addiction

Our alcohol addiction video interview with Rachael is no longer available. Here is PositivelyPresent from YouTube as she discusses her tips for staying sober on staying sober during the holidays.

Share Your Alcohol Addiction Experiences

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