Introduction to Jenn Carnevale, Author of ‘Verbal Abuse in Relationships’ 

July 14, 2019 Jenn Carnevale

My name is Jennifer Carnevale, but you can call me Jenn with two Ns and I’m the new author of Verbal Abuse in Relationships. I’m a high school English teacher, writer, traveler, tattoo enthusiast, and podcaster. Most importantly, I’m a recovering addict--10 years clean. My drug addiction began at 17 years old after a routine tonsillectomy when I was given a large bottle of a liquid opioid. The medication sent me into a downward spiral through anxiety, abuse, assault, and more. But after a decade of work on myself, I am presented with this opportunity to share my stories on HealthyPlace. I get to help others leave the dangerous situations I was in and steer people away from the tell-tale signs and symptoms of verbal abuse. Gratitude is flowing from my heart.

Jenn Carnevale’s Experience with Abuse

Ever since my first long-term relationship, I believed in Romeo and Juliet love. It was all I ever knew. I believed you should do anything to make a relationship work, including sacrificing your own needs and happiness. Eventually, I began to believe that love was yelling, and manipulation, and accepting toxic garbage from others because that’s what a Juliet was supposed to do for her Romeo. In the midst of drug addiction, I woke up at 23 years old in an abusive relationship with no money, no education, no real friends, fearing for my life. I didn’t have any guidance when it came to self-care, self-worth and boundaries, but all that changed when I went back to school.

How Jenn Carnevale Overcame a Verbal Abusive Relationship and Addiction

Eventually, I was able to release that abusive relationship safely thanks to a college professor, my first authentic friend, and this coincided with my first trip to drug rehabilitation (rehab). I was able to start my road to recovery, but drug addiction was merely a mask that needed to be removed. I didn’t realize how much work there was to be done after the initial treatment program. Through rehab and therapy, I found the road to figuring out who I was and who I wanted to be. After persevering for two years, I graduated with a BS in Psychology and ended up with two Masters degrees a few years later. My 19-year-old self never thought I’d live to see 30. My 34-year-old self sees nothing but endless possibility.

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Jenn Carnevale’s New Perspective on Verbal Abuse

Healing from trauma begins with the self. When you stop looking to the external world for answers and begin to cultivate your inner garden, you realize true beauty radiates from the inside out. I look forward to sharing my trials, tribulations and myriad lessons with all of you. I want everyone to know they are loved without ever looking outside one’s self. More than anything, I want to teach everyone how to create healthy boundaries that mirror self-love and their inherent worth.

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Author: Jenn Carnevale

Find Jenn on Instagram, Facebook and her personal website. She also produces the podcast: Someone Needs to Hear it: Rewriting Our Narratives.

August, 27 2019 at 5:35 pm

After reading these smaller excerpts, I would truly love to read on and on....
Currently my two children and I reside in a transitional housing apartment complex after leaving a domestic violence homeless shelter. I encountered physical as well as emotional abuse. It seems as though you may have additional information that may be helpful to has been a long road of travel so far, but I am doing best I can as a single parent to find the blue skies and smoother paths ahead!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your words of wisdom on the tragic subjects....

August, 28 2019 at 5:55 pm

Hi Monica,
Thank you so much for sharing your heart with me. First and foremost, I applaud you for leaving a violent situation. I know the decision isn't easy, especially with children involved, but keep the faith and realize how many opportunities you are giving yourself and your children. This is a day-by-day process, but you already jumped the highest hurdle in the race. Be kind to yourself. Your best is enough. YOU are enough. Blue skies are on the horizon for you.
If you're on Instagram, check out @someoneneedstohearit I try and post daily inspiration and love.
Love and light--Jenn

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