Sexual Assault Led to My Depression

Last week, I talked about what caused my depression. What I didn't mention is that I was sexually assaulted when I was in high a friend. That's hard for me to say.

Shortly after that is when my journey with major depression started. That was 15+ years ago. Although the video is not graphic, I just want to warn that it may be triggering for some sexual assault, rape survivors.

Although researchers haven't found the cause of major depression, they do know that abuse, sexual abuse, rape and other forms of trauma are risk factors for developing depression.

While it's very difficult for me to discuss this in public, I am sharing this part of my story because I know there are many people who cannot and I don't want them to feel isolated and alone. You are not alone.

If you would like to talk about what caused your depression, whether it was sexual assault or something else entirely, I hope you'll comment below. You can also send a response video to: info We need to remove the guilt, shame and stigma associated with this subject.

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