Abuse Test: Woman Abuse Screening Tool

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This abuse test, the Woman Abuse Screening Tool (WAST), is used primarily in doctor’s offices to help determine if the woman is in an abusive relationship. The WAST specifically screens for verbal, emotional, physical, and sexual and is considered by researchers to be fairly reliable in assessing domestic violence.

Use the abuse test results to help decide if you need to seek help or see a doctor or other mental health professional to further discuss your relationship.

Instructions: Answer the following questions, then click "score" at the bottom for an interpretation of the results.

1. In general, how would you describe your relationship?
2. Do you and your partner work out arguments with:
3. Do arguments ever result in you feeling down or bad about yourself?
4. Do arguments ever result in hitting, kicking or pushing?
5. Do you ever feel frightened by what your partner says or does?
6. Has your partner ever abused you physically?
7. Has your partner ever abused you emotionally?