How i went about self harm recovery

A video for those of you that have asked if and how i stopped self harming. =] PLEASE ignore my poodle hair -.- it's having a break from heat. Keep in mind that you're still going to experience the same emotions that make you want to hurt yourself even when you stop, so prepare for them to come along and have another coping mechanism at the ready! It's probably not the greatest idea ever to make any promises to yourself or anyone else that you'll never self harm again. When (if) you do relapse then recovery will feel impossible and you'll probably feel like a failure..leading to more feelings that make you want to self harm..rather silly cycle if you ask me! Don't beat yourself up about it if you slip up! ♥ Keep your chin up and stay positive, none of this 'i can't' bull shit please Just slowly reduce the amount you self harm to when you feel like you really 'need' it. Other times you get urges that aren't so strong, replace it! With anything helpful :) My next video will be about self harm distractions =)