Self Harm

WARNING: CONTAINS IMAGES THAT MAY BE TRIGGERING. DO NOT WATCH IF EASILY TRIGGERED. CALM stands for Career And Life Managment; it's a manditory program presented by our school board. One of our projects was to choose an issue (such as self harm, anorexia, drug abuse etc), research it, and present it. I chose self-harm because it's an issue I've dealt with, but have never really understood. I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't start with the goal of helping people when I made this project. My target audience was my teacher, and thus the video was created to the exact criteria outlined in the assignment. It wasn't made for anyone. Uploading the video to Youtube was essentially an accident. But if the video itself or discussions around it help even one person, then I've accomplished more than I ever thought possible. The research was really hard to do, and the song that's supposed to go with it (Save You- Simple Plan) still make me go postal. I went through a lot of depressing information, a lot of pictures and videos that were extremely hard to watch, a lot of suicide stories. I saw a lot of people on the edge, watched their stories, and found myself hoping for the lives of strangers. Throughout, I mostly felt helpless that there were so many beautiful people in so much pain out there. SH really is a twisted issue. Here's some websites: