Therapy for Binge Eating Disorder

April 16, 2015 Star LaBranche

People who seek therapy for binge eating disorder may face stigma. But there is a lot to gain by going to therapy in general, and when you have an eating disorder, it can help to change your behavior and allow you to understand yourself better. Don't let other people's ideas about what therapy is or isn't stop you from getting the help you need by going to binge eating disorder therapy.

What Kind of Therapy is Right For Binge Eating Disorder?

There are lots of types of mental health therapies and what works best for you is going to be down to the type of person you are and what your individual needs are with your binge eating disorder. One thing that I hate to hear is when a person goes to a therapy session, doesn't particularly like the therapist, then declares that all therapy is useless. Sometimes a therapist is not a good fit for you. Sometimes a type of therapy is not a good fit for you. If you start seeing a doctor and realize that they are not supporting you and helping you, then go to someone else.

The one therapist you didn't like is not the last one on Earth. Find someone that you click with, that understands you, and does the type of therapy that really helps you. Sometimes you get lucky on the first doctor that you go to. Often times, you don't. Don't be afraid to try someone else just because the first doctor didn't mesh with you.

How Can Binge Eating Disorder Therapy Help?

Therapy for binge eating disorder may be frowned on by some but binge eating disorder therapy should absolutely be part of your treatment plan.There are lots of elements of therapy that can help with binge eating disorder. You can learn what triggers your binging and overeating. You can learn how to cope with stressors in your life that lead to you overeating. You can work on understanding your binge eating disorder itself. A lot of people struggle to accept and deal with mental health issues and an eating disorder is no different.

You can also also work on coping skills, so if you find yourself in a troublesome spot where you want to binge, you can avoid this behavior and do something more positive with your emotions. There might be something that I haven't mentioned that you can think of that you want to work on. Whatever causes you problems with your binge eating disorder and disrupts your life; you can work on coping with that in therapy.

My Experience Going to Therapy for Binge Eating Disorder

Since I have a comorbidity with bipolar and binge eating disorder, I was already in therapy for my bipolar before I was diagnosed with binge eating disorder. When my food issues went from disordered eating to a full-blown eating disorder, my therapist recommended that I go to a doctor in his office that specialized in eating disorders. She is the one that diagnosed me with binge eating disorder and encouraged me to look into surgical weight loss options.

During my time with her, we isolated some of the reasons why I binge eat and what situations are most likely to lead to a binge. I wasn't cured of my binge eating disorder, but I learned a lot about what causes this behavior and how to avoid situations that will lead to a binge. Every session helped me understand a little bit more about myself and how I can prevent my disorder from getting out of control. Binge eating disorder therapy absolutely can help you.

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