Binge Eating Disorder Self-Help: Where Is Your Sanctuary?

December 12, 2015 Star LaBranche

Binge eating disorder self-help articles rarely mention having a sanctuary. What's a binge eating disorder sanctuary? Good question. Sanctuary is defined as a a safe haven or a refuge. A binge eating disorder self-help sanctuary is a place where you can go to get away from your stressors and binge eating disorder triggers like winter weather binge eating and overeating due to the holidays. A binge eating disorder self-help sanctuary gives you a chance to breathe, enjoy yourself, and relax. This safe place can be somewhere where you feel spiritual or somewhere where you have good memories or just somewhere quiet where you can get your thoughts together when you're getting overwhelmed. Binge eating disorder self-help starts with a safe sanctuary.

Binge Eating Disorder Self-Help: How Do I Find A Sanctuary?

Your binge eating disorder sanctuary is going to be completely up to you. Get out a piece of Binge eating disorder self-help can keep you from feeling overwhelmed by holiday stress. One ideas is to find a BED sanctuary. Read this BED self-help tip.paper and a pen. This requires some thinking.

  • Your sanctuary should be nearby. Don't pick a place to go that is entirely too far to travel to. The stress from getting there would negate any positive effects you would get from being there.
  • Your sanctuary should be affordable. You could feel perfectly at home in a bustling amusement park, but if you can't afford to go there whenever you feel overwhelmed, this is probably not the right choice for you.
  • Your sanctuary should be relevant to your interests. Pick out a place which has something there for you to do that you like. For example, coffee shop which features art therapy classes or a park with places to run and animals to play.
  • Your sanctuary should be doable. A nice, calming park sounds like a perfect sanctuary. But if you have horrible allergies or are sensitive to weather, this won't be the best choice for you.
  • Your sanctuary should have accessible hours. If your favorite used bookstore is a perfect sanctuary but is only open two hours every other day, you might have a hard time getting there when you need to relax. Be sure you can access this sanctuary at regular times and that you respect the type of business that it is, if it's a business.

BInge Eating Disorder Self-Help Sanctuary Examples

Examples of a binge eating disorder sanctuary could be:

  • A quiet room in your house
  • A park
  • A museum
  • A tea shop
  • A nature trail
  • A religious building
  • Anywhere you feel peaceful, comfortable, and are free from triggers

Why Have A Binge Eating Disorder Self-Help Sanctuary?

A binge eating disorder sanctuary comes in handy when you're feeling overwhelmed by your eating disorder and need a place to get away, gather your thoughts, and regroup. Sometimes all you need is a little while away from pressure and stressors to calm your racing thoughts and head back out, ready to deal with your binge eating disorder.

The holiday season can be particularly stressful. If you know you're going to be in a situation or situations where you might get overwhelmed and need a moment to yourself, find your binge eating disorder sanctuary and use it. Sometimes, all you need is a little time in a safe place to feel back up to par.

Consider this part of your binge eating disorder self-care and be sure to follow it. During this season it's easy to get overloaded and need a second to yourself. Focus on your recovery this holiday season and don't forget to have fun and enjoy yourself.

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