Weight Loss Isn't the Answer to Binge Eating Disorder

February 25, 2016 Star LaBranche

When you have an eating disorder which can make you gain weight, a lot of people assume weight los is the answer to binge eating disorder (BED). As if you reach your goal weight and then you're in recovery. However, it's not that simple. Weight loss isn't the answer to binge eating disorder.

Why Isn't Weight Loss the Answer to Binge Eating Disorder?

Because BED can cause weight gain, a lot of people figure that losing weight is the answer
to binge eating disorder. But the problem is not the weight. The problem is the loss of control, the discomfort and pain felt by the binge eater and the continued behavior where one feels powerless to the compulsion to binge.

Also, binge eating disorder doesn't cause everyone to gain weight. Even if it did, not everyone would carry the weight the same way or have the same appearance. Being overweight or obese is not an indicator that an individual has binge eating disorder (Eating Disorder Symptoms).

Weight Loss Can Be A Part of Binge Eating Disorder Recovery (But It Doesn't Have to Be)

Weight loss is not the answer to recovering from binge eating disorder. Weight loss may be part of BED recovery, but it's not a cure. Why? Find answers here.Weight loss isn't the answer to binge eating disorder, but it might be included in part of recovery. When weight is gained due to the disorder, getting a handle on the disorder can cause weight loss. But this doesn't mean someone with binge eating disorder who doesn't lose weight is not in recovery or is not doing well.

It's so ingrained in society that part of being successful is being thin that we often start off lists of things we want to accomplish with weight loss goals. But losing weight isn't always a good thing. Fad diets, yo-yo diets, and other harmful forms of weight loss can make losing weight unproductive and dangerous to your health.

What Is the Answer to Binge Eating Disorder?

Although weight loss can be a part of binge eating disorder recovery, there are no easy answers to this question. There are things which are recommended (Binge Eating Disorder Treatment). However, like all mental health problems, there is no magic pill to cure you and nothing to stop you from relapsing.

But there are things which can help you along the way. You can try building a binge eating disorder support system, talking to a licensed therapist for eating disorders, and seeing your doctor for any health-related concerns. If you doctor recommends you lose weight, you can discuss your options and find way that suits you. But if you have binge eating disorder, don't let yourself believe all you have to do to recovery is lose weight. Weight loss or gain is not indicative of your recovery. There is a lot more work to do.

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