Survival Tips For Holidays With Binge Eating Disorder

March 24, 2016 Star LaBranche

Spring holidays are upon us, so here are some survival tips for those with binge eating disorder during the holidays. I have gathered these tips from my personal experience and also from friends and associates with with eating disorders. It's important to remember, that you know best what will work with your specific situation. Check out these survival tips for binge eating disorder during the holidays for suggestions that might work for you.

Binge Eating Disorder Survival Tips for Holiday Parties

How well will you survive the holidays with binge eating disorder? If you're not sure, read these binge eating disorder survival tips for holiday parties.I've written before about what can happen when parties are your binge eating disorder trigger, but I didn't go into survival tips. So here are some of the ones I have found useful when dealing with binge eating disorder and trying to be social.

  • Prepare yourself. I find that giving myself a good pep talk before heading into a party is really helpful. I tell myself what I'm going to encounter. Whether it's foods I might binge on or people who might comment about my eating, weight, or body.
  • Practice if you need to. When I'm walking into a gathering with people I'm sure will have something to say about my weight or eating, I think up conversational topics that aren't me and practice with them. This way I can redirect a conversation if the situation calls for it.
  • Survey the situation. When I arrive at the party it helps me to get a good look at everything that's going on and get the lay of the land. I can survey the food and plan what I'm going to eat. I can see if there's a quiet place I can go if I need a moment to myself. I can also circulate and greet everyone at the gathering.

Binge Eating Disorder Survival Tips You Can Perfect

Once you've been living with binge eating disorder for a while, you will develop your own survival tips (Creative Coping Skill For BED). If you're newly diagnosed and still learning about your illness, you might be unsure of where to start. One of the best phrases I've found to completely derail conversations about your weight or body or eating is to simply say, "You're making me uncomfortable."

People generally don't know how to respond to that and the second it takes for them to process what you've just said, you can decide if you want to excuse yourself or refocus the conversation.

Binge Eating Survival Tips for Holidays Are Ever Growing

The more holidays you go through with binge eating disorder the more survival tips and coping skills you will accumulate. Keep building up your coping skill set and learning how to navigate the sometimes tricky atmosphere of holiday parties.

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