Is Masking Depression a Good Way to Cope?

March 27, 2024 Dawn Gressard

Masking depression is something many people do. I tell people when I discuss living with major depressive disorder that I am the queen of masks. And it's true; I can smile when I need to. I became such a perfectionist at masking my depression that I could even fool my closest friends. Yet, when I am alone or turn around, my smile disappears from my face quicker than a scared jackrabbit. 

Masking depression is one of my favorite coping skills. Even though it is not genuinely coping, it is like putting a loose band-aid on a wound that won't clot. I know it isn't healthy to mask my emotions constantly, but even today, I will still take out my mask and put it on at work or an important social function.

How Often Do I Mask My Depression?

In my video post, I discuss a meme sent to me. It certainly made me chuckle, but it also got me to reflect on how often I wear a mask. Those around me think I am laid-back and don't get upset. Truth be told, I can't let myself get upset because that is when the dam breaks. Therefore, I can't show the sadness, frustration, and anger I feel inside. 

Do you all mask your depression or wear a mask to hide your depression from others?

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Author: Dawn Gressard

Dawn Gressard is a freelance Veterans Affairs benefits, mental health wellness, and suicide prevention writer and a trainer of a peer-supported suicide prevention and crisis intervention program. Find Dawn on X, Instagram, LinkedIn, and her personal blog.

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