Reward Your Body - Make Better, Healthier Food Choices!

March 15, 2014 Sydney Savion, D.Ed.

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well ~Virginia Woolf

Food Choices. Yuck or Yum?

Who decides what food you eat? Do you think of food as a ‘yuck’ or ‘yum’ decision? How does the food you eat affect your health?

Food choices - when it comes to eating healthy, sometimes it feels like a battle between ‘yuck’ and ‘yum.’ Quite frankly, at times the idea of choosing healthy food seems quite boring and tasteless. We have all been there before, especially when we were kids. Remember your parents sitting a plate of peas, lima beans, and carrots in front of you? Did your taste buds say: ‘Yuck?' Mine did. Now, as an adult, my taste buds don’t find favor with peas, lima beans, and carrots. I choose not to eat them. Instead, I choose to eat spinach. My taste buds say: ‘Yum.’
When it comes to eating healthy, sometimes it feels like a battle between ‘yuck’ and ‘yum’. Learn why it's important to make better food choices.Likewise, you may find, more often than not, you are choosing to make unhealthy food choices because it tastes better. But, you can choose healthy foods that have the ‘yum’ factor too. It is choice. And, since you are on the journey of living a blissful life, choosing to eat healthy falls right on the path. Like other things in life, the food we eat becomes a conditioned behavior of choice. Perhaps yours is chocolate or fries. Mine is coffee. That aside, you need to eat. So, why not make better food choices? Why not choose food that helps your body work at a high energetic level?

Try These Five Better Food Choices

  1. Fruit and vegetables high in antioxidants (such as bananas, spinach)
  2. Calcium and vitamin D rich food (such as salmon, tofu)
  3. Vitamin A rich food (such as spinach, mangoes)
  4. Essential fatty acids (such as olive oil, dark greens)
  5. Folic acid rich food (such as sweet potatoes, oranges)

Reward for Healthy Food Choices

What’s the reward for healthier food choices? Typically we do not associate 'reward' with making better or healthier food choices. We eat what we want when we want to eat it: the end! However, if your daily food choices are not healthy, calorie-dense, and nutrient poor it is widely known this tends to create a nutritional imbalance that can negatively affect your health. The only way to change your conditioned behavior of eating unhealthy is to change the way you think about your food choices and how they affect the body. It cannot be overemphasized - the best changes in life and health happen from the inside out. Remember, your body is your temple - you deserve to feel well, have lots of energy, and live your best life. The reward for choosing and sustaining healthy eating is priceless. So, what’s in it for you?

Here’s the short answer:

  • Increased energy
  • Promotion of clears eyes and skin
  • Improved restful sleep
  • Stimulated healthy libido
  • Regulated blood sugar
  • Fueled weight loss and maintenance
  • Boosted brain function
  • Moderated stress

Here’s to you eating well, thinking well, loving well, sleeping well, and living well!

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Author: Sydney Savion, D.Ed.

Dr Musli Ferati
August, 4 2016 at 9:56 pm

The principle of healthy feeding are somewhat intrigued and specific habits for everyone and they depend on numerous sociocultural, economic, psychological and personal determinations. They are also conditioned from biological characteristics and necessaries of respective person. Furthermore environmental features exert on the way and choice of foods, which we eat and consume daily. However, it ought to care what we eat and how we consume daily eatables. Nutrition indicates the main vital need with many biological and emotional implications. So it is important to supply wanting nutriments with indispensable emotional and personal habits and tasting choices. These and many others determinations of feeding have got great role on our global welfare. So it is important to nurture good and healthy habits of eating and feeding since childhood age, because they play crucial role on further model and style of eating. as it is known, some habits and taste are stubborn and heavily to change. In this direction, it should be careful on healthy criteria of daily feeding, which one ensure essential and vital nourishing substances. Otherwise we face with many bad repercussions for our health. Among them over eating exhibits the most dangerous outcomes with numerous serious illnesses and healthy difficulties, such is diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cancer, mental disorders and so on. On the other side malnutrition causes many disorders and illnesses, where hypovitaminosis is the most risky conditions.

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