"First Ever CHADD Conference!"

November 24, 2011 Laurie Dupar, PMHNP, RN, PCC

As an ADHD Life Coach, I get to meet the most amazing people. Last week, I went to the annual CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder) conference for ADHD in Orlando. Just imagine 1000 plus people with ADHD together in Disneyworld! Each with such awesome qualities as creativity, resourcefulness, charm, perseverance, intelligence, able to talk a lot, good problem solvers,

People with ADHDimaginative, curious, willing to take risks, etc. My good friend, Chris, is one such person. I met Chris last summer when she joined me on a Telesummit about succeeding with ADHD. Since then, I think it is fair to say that Chris has made it a mission to understand her ADHD, learn and use specific strategies to minimize her struggles and help other people with the disorder.

I attended the conference, excited to be able to promote my book, 365 Ways To Succeed with ADHD, and catch up with old friends and colleagues. Chris went as a “first timer”. At the end of the conference I had talked with hundreds of lovely people who visited my booth, but had had very little time to attend the breakout sessions. Chris, on the other hand, attended as many sessions as possible. At the end of the weekend I was grateful when she shared with me her recount of her “First Ever CHADD Conference!” as an adult with ADHD. I would like to share some of these with you, just in case you might want to join us next year in San Francisco. I will be hosting another booth and Chris, no doubt will be soaking up the California sun along with the information and milieu of her “Second Ever CHADD Conference!”

Tips for attending a CHADD conference

Here are some of Chris' suggestions for attending a CHADD conference that I want to pass on to you:

1. Get a room in the place where the conference is being held (you will save time and won’t need to rent a car). If you do decide to rent a car, get the GPS if you did not bring one. It is worth every penny and will save you from extra unplanned sightseeing!

2. Try and get there the day before so you don’t miss one thing!

3. Smile more!

4. Get more sleep before going. Taking in all this information is hard work! Also, my ADHD is less challenging with a good night’s sleep.

5. Did I mention always smile?

6. Taking in all this information is hard work! Also, my ADHD is less challenging with a good night’s sleep.

7. Be prepared to meet, shake hands or even get a hug from “famous” people you have only heard about or read about. The professionals and experts that work with ADHD are very friendly and you just might get the opportunity to thank them personally for making such a difference in your life.

People you might meet at a CHADD conference that you want to say "Hi" to...people like:

o Ari Tuckman –For his ability to reach me stating that maybe having a friend may be a good thing. And the work book, Understanding Your Brain and Get More Done.

o Linda Roggli – For her energy and fun and whose heart is noticeably so full of love to share. I want to thank her for being so.

o Michele Novotni- For all the tips on social interactions. She is amazing.

o David Giwerc – Whom I had the privilege of being introduced to personally! Honestly, your “Power to Pause” has impacted my life like nobody’s business and someday I hope to share with you how!

o Dr Billi Bittan – Whom I recognized by her voice. Dr.Billi you have shared many messages in the book, 365 Ways to Succeed With ADHD and the Succeeding With ADHD webinar. I heard you say that you have adapted to having ADHD at this point and that is great! I am good with that! Thank you Dr.Billi.

o Dr. Stephanie Starkis – Who is awesome and always finds a way to expand my mind between her talk and newsletter…Good stuff.

This is my friend, Chris', recount of the highlights and tips from her “First CHADD Conference Ever!” I am grateful she wrote it down. I certainly did not have the foresight to take notes when I attended my first CHADD conference. Chris, is definitely an adult with ADHD who is on a mission with loads of determination, energy, willingness and ability to make a positive difference in this world! I can hardly wait to share with her, her “Second CHADD Conference Ever!” Who else will join us there?


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Author: Laurie Dupar, PMHNP, RN, PCC

November, 24 2011 at 5:27 am

I do hope someday I can make the same diffrence in somebodys life as you have done for me.
Your timing is impecable!

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