Top Ten Innovative Ways to Succeed with ADHD

Just as there are many different ways that adult ADHD shows up in our lives, there are also many different ways to manage and succeed with ADHD. What works for someone else may not be the best strategy for you…or is it?

Today’s article contains an overview of ten unique approaches to effective ADHD management, or ways you can succeed with ADHD, followed by an invitation to join me in a no-cost ADHD telesummit. There will be presentations from some of the top ADHD experts and professionals from our community, who will teach you more about each technique and how to make it work for you. I know from these experts you will find at least one strategy that is just right for you, or more likely, several in combination that will make all the difference. Enjoy!

Top 10 Techniques for Succeeding with ADHD:

1) Practical action steps –Distractibility and poor planning skills, combined with atendency towards stress and frustration, leave many adults with ADHD struggling to manage their day-to-day lives. This seemingly endless cycle of overwhelm and burnout can be broken by practical steps, ones that we often overlook and or forget. In next week’s telesummit, Senior Certified AD/HD Coach Jennifer Koretsky, author of the Best Seller "Odd One Out: The Maverick’s Guide to Adult ADD" and CEO of, will discuss how to break the cycle by balancing pace of life with self-care. Participants will walk away with practical action steps that they can immediately apply to their lives in order to overcome the chronic feeling of being overwhelmed that's associated with ADHD.

2) Playful productivity – Dozens of broken promises, a hundred failed intentions and a zillion silent pledges that got lost in the clutter are just par for the course for many with ADHD, and “accountability” sometimes just doesn’t work. Perhaps it's time for a radically different kind of accountability, one that takes into consideration the ADHD penchant for alternating hyperfocus and distractibility. One that boosts confidence instead of tearing it down. One that really "gets" ADHD. Fun-loving guest expert Linda Roggli, Professional Certified Coach and author of the 2012 award-winning book "Confessions of an A-D-Diva; midlife in the non-linear lane," will join us for a lively, informative and frank discussion revealing the six rebellious secrets that could set you free and help you Get Stuff Done.

3) Relationship renewal – Parents with ADHD can find it difficult to build a stable relationship with non-ADHD loved ones. You may worry that your tendency to be highly distracted and inattentive, with a poor sense of time and follow through, is driving a wedge between you and your children, which can leave you feeling frustrated, lonely, and feeling more out of control in your life than ever. This can be particularly challenging for the dad with ADHD, who by the nature of the complexities of his ADHD symptoms may find it difficult to give the kind of love, encouragement, and approval his children long for. Terry Dixon, Founder and Director of The Behavioral Medicine Clinic of NW Michigan and a dad with ADHD, will be sharing top methods for managing ADHD traits in order to build satisfying relationships with your children for a lifetime.

4) Motivational plan– Each of us has a unique motivational blueprint that keeps us inspired and productive despite the challenges of ADHD. If you understand your motivational blueprint—that is, really come to know what you feel in your body when you’re passionate and engaged—you've got a huge “leg up” on efforts at managing important goals. David Nowell, Ph.D., a clinical neuropsychologist interested in motivation, focus, and fully engaged living, will share his top tips for identifying and implementing your unique ADHD-managing motivational blueprint in next week’s summit.

5) Knowledge as power – They say that knowledge is power, and when it comes to managing ADHD, that couldn’t be truer. The more you know about your unique ways of thinking and behaving, the better you’ll be able to not only survive but succeed with ADHD. Tara McGillicuddy, Senior certified AD/HD Coach and Internationally recognized AD/HD expert will share tips and strategies about finding help and support for ADHD Online. Tara is a master of the web and will reveal the best strategies for succeeding with ADHD that she has learned over the past 15 years of education and supporting people with ADHD over the internet.

6) Mental mastery – Those who suffer with ADHD need more precise targets than "hyperactive, inattentive and combined." As ADHD is one of the most frequently misunderstood, misdiagnosed and mistreated psychiatric condition on the planet, a fresh approach and understanding of the neuroscience is needed. What’s required is a basic understanding of brain function and working memory that can be understood and used every day by the public, so they can know what to expect with treatment. Guest expert Dr. Charles Parker, a writer [Deep Recovery, ADHD Medication Rules, CorePsych Blog], neuroscientist certified for SPECT brain imaging, and practicing child and adult psychiatrist, will discuss descriptions of working memory, why ADHD is not a 24/7 diagnosis, how to dial meds in effectively, how to understand and use the Therapeutic Window principles, and more.

7) Peak performance – How many of us are truly living up to our full potential? ADHD can commonly manifest itself in such underachievements as failing courses, getting fired at work, or ending relationships in disaster. But, when you know how to manage your ADHD with specific tactics, your chances of living up to your potential increase drastically. Alan Brown, executive, entrepreneur and creator of the ADD Crusher™ video series, brings to the table an in-your-face style that will keep you entertained and engaged as he presents 10 ADD-friendly strategies that are easily taught, easily implemented, and can have significant impact on quality of life so you’ll enjoy greater mental stamina, be more organized, be better able to stay on task, stop losing/forgetting, and more.

8) Success expansion – If you ever find yourself asking, “Why do I do that?”, then you will not want to miss Kricket Harrison talking about the 5 reasons persons with ADHD do what they do and how understanding this is invaluable to maximizing our talents and success! With a passion for helping innovative ADD and ADDish minds shine, Kricket’s motivational and inspirational presentation will help you discover and appreciate your dynamic DNA, along with finding strategies that will improve your focus, organization, follow-through and time management. With a background in psychology and organizational communication, Kricket is a professional coach with Parkaire Consultations, founder of Bright Outside the Box and advisor on the Board of the ADHD Coaches Association.

9) Entrepreneurial triumph – With a more than 300% likelihood of having ADHD, entrepreneurs make up a large percentage of the ADHD community. Unfortunately, the innate creativity, passion and perseverance of people with ADHD are often not enough to keep their businesses moving along! If you are an ADHD entrepreneur and are struggling to maintain your focus, tired of not earning a living with your creativity and ideas, or finding the boring details undermining your success, you definitely need to check out this presentation by Laurie Dupar. Laurie, a trained psychiatric nurse practitioner and a maverick in ADHD coaching for the past nine years, will share with you the same techniques and strategies she used to create and sustain her own successful coaching business. Learn how to capitalize on your entrepreneurial strengths and minimize all that wasted energy. Laurie is a frequent speaker on ADHD as well as coaching, co-author and editor of “365 Ways to Succeed with ADHD” and author of the books “Brain Surfing and 31 other awesome qualities of ADHD” and “Unlock the Secrets to Your Entrepreneurial Brain Style.”

10) Community support – It takes a village and this final way to succeed with ADHD brings together the variety of experience and expertise of the co-authors from the soon to be published book, “365+1 Ways to Succeed with ADHD: A Brand New Year of Useful Tips and Strategies from the World’s Best Coaches and Experts.” Combining countless years of experiences, this group of professionals will share with listeners some of their top strategies for success.

Join us next week for the Succeed with ADHD telesummit, and listen in as top ADHD experts share their best tips and techniques for not only living with ADHD but how to take advantage of your unique skillsets to truly thrive and succeed as a professional, parent, and individual. Click here to register now:

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Author: Laurie Dupar, PMHNP, RN, PCC

K. Ruhl
March, 18 2019 at 10:10 am

Hopefully special ed teachers will come up with easy to follow techniques for the next generation of children. It's time to get rid of the antiquated methods of teaching children since it doesnt benefit those who get bored easily and have a need for constant stimulation .

Dr Musli Ferati
July, 21 2012 at 8:01 pm

After perusal of this advisable article, I may said that ADHD as typical child psychic disorder, in adulthood age presents a truly concern problem and distress issue as well. The main life difficulty of person with ADHD is their apparent instability and variability of behave in their daily activity. In consequence, they have many variance in their psycho-social milieu that damage their business and ruin respective mental perseverance. Your ten Ways to deal successfully against life prostration are hopeful and, in the same time use as basic guidelines to overcome interpersonal conflicts, not for only person with ADHD. For me, as parent of three adolescent children, the second one exhibits a great provocation, because I find out numerous misunderstood with my loves. Thank you for this innovative intellectual undertaking!

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