Adult ADHD Airport Boredom Blues

May 27, 2013 Elizabeth Prager

I am sitting at an airport waiting for my flight at 7:40pm. It's now 5:35pm and I've already exhausted a ton of boredom-curing strategies. I've listened to music. I've played on the computer. I've played phone games. I've listed to an audiobook. I'm still bored. What can I do?In my opinion, this is an important question. I don't hate flying so much as I hate waiting to fly. My mother-in-law is nuts - she thinks flying and waiting to fly are great, because the only things you can do are things that are fun. Hmm, I agree that all the things you do should be fun ... but, for some reason, they never are!

I love to read and I do it just about every day. I read on the train to school, I read before bed. I just love it. Reading at the airport? One of my least favorite tasks. Waiting for something crushes my soul until it's almost invisible. Then, it kills it.

I love to watch movies and/or tv shows. Waiting them at the airport? Again, my soul shrinks up from the absolute pain of waiting for my flight.

Why is there no way to have fun when waiting for a flight? I think it's more about waiting for a task that I know I have to complete, but I have no control over whatsoever. I have to say, though, I've figured out at least one strategy that works.

Make a list.

This is a theme that will come up again and again on this blog. List making helps solve so many issues, in my opinion. The thing is, the list needs to be specific. When I first got to the airport, this was my list "read, listen to music, study." That means just about nothing. You need to give yourself time frames for each activity. What exactly am I going to read? How long will I listen to music for? In a time when there are endless activities to do remotely, I think it's important to be very specific in list-making.

Let me know if it helps!

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Author: Elizabeth Prager

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