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July 15, 2014 Jimmy Durham

My name is Jimmy Durham. I’m happy to be joining the talented contributing writers at HealthyPlace. Their passion and compassion are evident; that’s a thrilling thing of which to be part. I hope to be entertaining and informative on the topic of living with adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). My primary goal is to give readers something to think about, and connect them with the right information for them, but I also think we can have some fun at the same time.

Three Things about Me

  1. I’m a writer turned registered nurse.
  2. Both areas are my passions.
  3. I’m from Mississippi and currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

My Background Living with Adult ADHD

Jimmy Durham, author of the Living with Adult ADHD blog at HealthyPlace, offers up his experience with adult ADHD as a consumer and as a nurse.I have clinical experience in primary care, mental health, surgery, and labor and delivery. I also have an adult ADHD diagnosis, so I have both a personal and professional interest in the topic. I’ve worked in facilities where adult ADHD gets treated as a half-baked diagnosis cooked up by pharmaceutical companies or overworked mothers to make sales and get everything done respectively. I have also worked in facilities where adult ADHD has monthly prescription medication thrown at it, or no guidance is provided at all in the way of managing symptoms because if you’ve made it this long with ADHD, what do you need a healthcare professional for all of a sudden?

Those scenarios all bother me because they all work off baseless stereotypes or take the easy way out. I write about health topics to educate the public on optimal health; writing about adult ADHD is no different except I aim to educate not only others with adult ADHD, but dispel common misconceptions and myths that exist in the public and healthcare communities at large. Welcome to Living with Adult ADHD.

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Author: Jimmy Durham

Elizabeth Mach
July, 22 2014 at 9:22 am

I also live with Adult ADHD I have had it since 1959 I was 4 years old and other illnesses.You really don't know what the next day will be like it could be ok or you could have a bad day with living with adult ADHD all my life it is hard to really say what it is like living with ADHD I really never really thought about it be four know as I read about other adult with ADHD.

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