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Childhood obesity is a real problem today. The Centers for Disease Control notes that childhood obesity rates have tripled over the last 30 years and that over 20 percent of the kids in the U.S., ages 6-11, are now categorized as obese. Childhood obesity not only leads to physical and medical problems, but social and psychological problems such as stigmatization and poor self-esteem also appear in children who are overweight.
Most of us never have the experience of feeling as if we are disconnected from our own body and mind, but if you are suffering from depersonalization disorder then you feel this detachment far too frequently. Our guest, Jeffrey Abugel, has experienced depersonalization disorder personally and has co-authored one of the seminal books on the topic. Recently, he has authored a second book about the experience of living with this disorder and he came on our show to share a deeper look into the world of depersonalization.
Nothing is impossible to overcome. That is the message that Nikki Rosen wants to share with you. Nikki grew up in an abusive home and suffered years of child abuse. It led her to drug use and engaging in self-injurious behavior at the early age of 12 years old. She spent years on the streets with a drug addiction and an eating disorder, even enduring rape, all of which fed into her belief that she was worthless. But, eventually, she found herself on the path to health and recovery.
Ed Chavez says he became addicted to pornography as a teenager. When he discovered, as an adult, how accessible pornography is on the Internet, his compulsion became unmanageable and he sought therapy. Ed says his pornography addiction almost cost him his marriage, but with sex addiction treatment, he was able to recover.