How to Cope with Self-Harm Thoughts

November 25, 2016 Becky Oberg

Do you know how to cope with self-harm thoughts? Self-injury is a highly stigmatized behavior that is common among people with borderline personality disorder. Self-injury is never a healthy coping skill, and people thinking of self-harm should fight against it by using healthy coping skills. But what healthy coping skills should one use? Here are ways to cope with self-harm thoughts.

Cope with Self-Harm Thoughts Using Healthy Coping Skills

Self-harm thoughts can be tough to get through without the right coping skills. But what are the 'right' coping skills for self-harm thoughts? Watch this.The healthy coping skill to use depends on what is triggering the self-harm thoughts. For example, if you want to self-harm because you think you're a bad person, try reminding yourself of all the good you've done, such as donating money to charity or giving food to a food pantry. Even something minor such as treating another person with respect counts. If you want to self-injure to feel something instead of nothing, try grounding techniques.

Healthy Coping Skills to Avoid Self-Harm

In this video, I discuss how to handle self-harm thoughts.

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