Gambling Addiction and Co-occurring Disorders

October 19, 2023 Kevin Anyango

Do you know about gambling addiction and co-occurring disorders? Gambling addiction is universally labeled a menace, but little is known of its accompanying partners that make the battle within that much more complicated. The gambling addiction recovery journey can be excruciating, but for those who have escaped the crippling grip of gambling addiction and its co-occurring disorders, the journey is worth every struggle.

One of the leading reasons for relapses is the inability to recognize the underlying issues that lead to gambling addiction. In your unique recovery journey, you must be ready to face co-occurring disorders like depression and anxiety.

My recovery journey started as a fight against the compulsion to gamble, but I quickly realized that I also needed to confront my coexisting mental health issues to recover fully. The often-overlooked relationship between gambling addiction and co-occurring disorders hinders holistic treatment. However, recognizing this dual diagnosis is the first step to incorporating integrated treatments that ensure a successful recovery journey.

Disorders that Co-occur with Gambling Addiction

When I first admitted that I was addicted to gambling, I thought it was an isolated issue I could quickly resolve. However, my addiction was intertwined with additional mental health issues, holding me hostage and preventing progression in my journey. In my case, I was deeply depressed and using gambling as my escape.

Treatment and Recovery from Gambling Addiction and Co-occurring Disorders

Treating co-occurring disorders with gambling addiction requires an integrated treatment approach that will address the root causes of each and ensure you come out the other side fully recovered. Starting with a comprehensive assessment, health professionals can easily diagnose gambling addiction and co-occurring disorders, which facilitates the creation of a tailored recovery plan.

Rather than treating mental health issues and gambling addiction separately, simultaneous treatment through counseling, medication, supportive therapies, and psychotherapy helps break the connection, ensuring recovery. Treatment and recovery recommendations like lifestyle changes and peer and family support help people develop healthier coping mechanisms. It also gives people the tools to deal with mental health issues without gambling.

While not always perpetuated by co-occurring disorders, gambling addiction recovery must always address the underlying issues, be it financial struggles, professional stresses, or personal stresses. Recovering from a gambling addiction with co-occurring disorders is difficult but not impossible. Having gone through it and regained control over my life, I believe recovery is possible for anyone. You just have to be willing to acknowledge that your journey will require a little more effort and time.

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