Gambling Addiction and Industry Responsibility

November 16, 2023 Kevin Anyango

Does the gambling industry bear some responsibility for gambling addiction? As addiction becomes rampant in modern society, the darker side of gambling continues to be revealed. Despite acknowledging that effective measures need to be put in place to address a growing gambling addiction problem, it has yet to be determined whether the gambling industry bears any responsibility for the effects of gambling.

How the Gambling Industry Makes Avoiding Gambling Addiction Harder

See, when I started my recovery from gambling addiction, much of what I found was that it was up to me to keep away from gambling environments. However, today, it is almost impossible to completely avoid coming across games, ads, and other communication prompting people to place bets on one thing or another. Government and gambling industry messages always emphasize that responsible gambling is advised, but how can you stay away from something that follows you around like a shadow?

Gambling addiction recovery today has become much harder due to the proliferation of online gambling. While advertised as harmless fun, it is harder for people who are susceptible to addiction to draw the line, and it ends up consuming their entire lives. 

Should Governments and the Gambling Industry Bear Some Responsibility Around Gambling Addiction? 

I think they both should. For the government, enforcing regulations designed to protect the vulnerable and mitigate the harmful consequences of excessive gambling would go a long way in helping minimize gambling addiction cases. It is time that licensing, oversight, educational campaigns, and funding for treatment programs become a priority for governments.

On the other hand, the gambling industry should prioritize customers' wellbeing over profits. The gambling industry needs to actively promote responsible practices by offering self-exclusion programs, for instance. This would allow people to ban themselves from gambling establishments, making it easier for those who recognize the need to curb their gambling to embark on a successful recovery journey.

In addition, the gambling industry should offer customer support by identifying signs of problem gambling and providing those customers with the resources they need to avoid falling into gambling addiction. Gambling advertising also needs to be regulated.

Overall, I believe the solution to problem gambling is a collective responsibility. While the brunt of it lies with the person, the government and gambling industry should also chime in to create a safer, more enjoyable gambling environment for all.

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