Self-Harm and a Song About Embracing Who You Are

July 15, 2014 Jennifer Aline Graham

It’s hard, especially for teenage girls, to stop for a moment and not care about what others may think and say about them. Girls can be cruel and those who are the cruelest and have difficulties accepting who they are feel the need to take it out on others. For teenagers struggling with self-harm, a dirty look or quiet snicker can lead to leaving class, going to the bathroom and cutting until class ends.

I know this because that’s exactly how I dealt with those issues during my teens.

It took years to finally get to a place where I could look in the mirror and feel okay about the person starting back at me. I still struggle with my confidence, and most people do, but compared to the struggles of my past – I have proudly come so far. However, sometimes we need something to remind us of our strength and our beauty and music can be the source of strength needed.

I’ll admit, I’m a junkie for entertainment news. Sometimes, I find the crazy, messed up world of celebrities fascinating. I heard about a new music video that Colbie Caillat had put out that focused on women and girls, their inner beauty and confidence.

I’ll admit something else – I cried a little.

Let Music Bring You Confidence When You Need it Most

Music brings forward so many emotions and sometimes the music we listen to can either lead to self-injurious behaviors or push us away from them. I’ve discussed before how I can’t listen to certain songs or bands from my past because I instantly go back to an unsafe place. However, the same goes for positive songs and if you are currently struggling with urges to cut or burn, it’s good to have positive songs that show you how strong you are.

“Try” by Colbie Caillat really speaks to females about how appearance isn’t everything. In the video, they take off their make-up, let down their hair and embrace the bodies they have. It may seem hard to find beauty in your outer appearance when you are covered in scars and marks. However, it is absolutely possible and we all carry unique qualities about ourselves that we must find time to discover.

Before you turn to a razor, knife or paper clip, play “Try” and take a moment to look in the mirror. Yes, it could be one of the most frightening things you ever do, but if you really listen to the lyrics and look at yourself, you will see things you didn’t see before.

Don’t look at your scars, look at your strengths.

Maybe you have unique traits like freckles or curly hair (personal example). Maybe you have an addicting laugh or a birthmark that sets you apart from others. You could have curves that people dream of or skin that others adore. You need to take the time to embrace the qualities you have and look past the scars and marks from your past.

Once you start doing that, you’ll realize how beautiful you really are – and you’ll start to believe it.

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Author: Jennifer Aline Graham

Toni Lynne Vadala
July, 20 2014 at 10:01 am

I am impressed with how you wrote this article. I have a daughter who used to cut, and she had a very hard time learning to like herself, let alone, love. Her struggles were severe and is only now learning that the inside is what matter most. I should really take her example, and learn to like myself more.
Thank you for sharing your story! You are again, an inspiration to all of us! Lovalu!!!!! Hugglz!!!! (my daughter's words for all the world to see and adopt)

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