Journaling Helps Me Fight Mental Health Self-Stigma

April 14, 2022 Juliet Jack

Journaling is one way I fight mental health self-stigma and is, fortunately, becoming increasingly popular in today's world. Used as a method for releasing negativity, spurring creativity, and everything in between, journaling can create a safe space for many people who practice it.

I utilize journaling as a way to reel my thoughts in and put them into perspective. It can be easy to become overwhelmed with all the thoughts swirling in our heads, and for me, putting pen to paper serves as somewhat of an escape from this spiraling way of thinking. Journaling can provide many benefits, specifically in combatting the mental health stigma that accompanies the current reality of our world. Thus, I urge you to pick up the pen.

What Experts Have to Say About the Benefits of Journaling

The jury is in. Journaling can present many benefits to our mental health. In "Why Everyone Should Keep a Journal -- 7 Surprising Benefits," it is stated that journaling can help us:1

There are many different ways to journal. It is important to explore different styles to discover what works best for you. If you are just starting, it may be helpful to hear about the techniques that work for others to formulate a starting point of your own.

How to Start Journaling and Ease Mental Health Self-Stigma

I have always thoroughly enjoyed writing, but I must admit, journaling is more than just writing. Journaling, and journaling effectively, require a certain vulnerability. Luckily, there is no rule telling us where to start and how much to divulge when we first begin.

Some days, I write single words; other days, whole essays; the only non-negotiable for me is that I am honest with myself and intentional with what I write. I say journaling can combat mental health stigma because it forces us to see our thoughts in a new light. Writing words down on paper can take away much of their power in many ways. Suddenly, the opinion of others seems to sting a little less, and even more importantly, the opinion of ourselves because less harsh and more accepting.

If for no other reason, I urge you to start journaling because everyone deserves to feel accepted. It does not need to be a Pulitzer prize-winning piece to make a huge impact in our everyday lives. The only way to start is to pick up the pen and write.


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