The Mental Health Benefits of ASMR

December 16, 2020 Martha Lueck

Many of us know about meditation videos to help clear our minds, but have you heard of autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) for mental health? Unlike meditation, ASMR creates tingling sensations that travel down the body, giving people a warm and pleasant feeling. The tingling sensations are caused by whispers and sound effects from hypnotic speakers. Although ASMR might seem like a strange coping technique for mood disorders, there are many benefits. Continue reading this post to learn more.

My Experience with ASMR for My Mental Health

Before I go into the benefits of ASMR for mental health, I will talk about my initial experience and why I continue to use this coping technique. I first heard about ASMR a few years ago when I looked up different types of therapy for anxiety. Although I do not recall the first speaker I heard, I remember feeling uncomfortable. Even though the voice was soothing, the sound effects made me feel like I was riding a bumpy rollercoaster.

You might be wondering why on Earth I continued to use ASMR. After a friend talked about a video she listened to, she laughed about how ridiculous the hypnosis was. So trying ASMR again started as a joke. But after I looked through different speakers roleplaying various types of therapists, doctors, and friends, I thought maybe I just didn't give ASMR a real chance. After all, I had only tried one video prior to that. As I watched new videos, the physical roleplaying on the videos creeped me out, so I listened to the audio instead. Now that you know about my experience with ASMR, let's talk about the benefits.

Benefits of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

ASMR Relieves Physical Pain

Some ASMR speakers roleplay massage therapists and chiropractors. One day, my neck was hurting really badly. So I researched videos for neck pain. One video that came up on YouTube was called "ASMR Neck Pain Relief~Roleplay~" on the channel called Rhosgobel Rabbit ASMR. The speaker did a great job explaining what she was going to do as a massage therapist. Her description was so vivid that I could imagine having a massage appointment. The vibrations moved around my scalp and down my neck, easing the pain. By the time the video ended, I felt completely relaxed with no more neck pain.

ASMR Reduces Depression

One reason some people do ASMR is that it simply makes them feel better. At this time, we all crave companionship. Unfortunately, the pandemic has made people feel isolated and lonely. While ASMR speakers cannot physically be with you, their voices and actions on the video can make you feel as though they are your friends. The videos with positive affirmations can help you feel valued and worthy of love.

ASMR Reduces Stress

Since ASMR relieves physical pain and reduces depression, it can leave you feeling very relaxed. When you are relaxed, you are able to sleep better. As a result, you may wake up feeling more refreshed and better able to handle stress. Even though the effects might be temporary, you can always do ASMR again when you have time. As you give more videos a chance, you may notice peace of mind more often. This may help you manage mood disorder symptoms.

Now that you know about my experience with ASMR and the benefits, you can decide for yourself whether you want to try an ASMR video. If you have done ASMR before, I would love to hear about your thoughts and your favorite speakers. To learn about how to do ASMR for the first time, check out my video below.


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