Finding My Biological Family Is Helping My Emotional Health

February 7, 2022 Martha Lueck

As an infant, I was adopted by two warm and loving parents. They provided me with a wonderful childhood, good morals, a safe home, and a great life. But I faced some issues that my adopted family did not fully understand. Having never met my biological family, I wondered if my mental health challenges were genetic. Last year, I decided to dig into my biological roots and meet my birth family. In this post, I discuss my reasons for starting my journey recently and how finding my biological family has affected my emotional health thus far.

Searching for My Biological Family Is Enhancing My Emotional Health

There were two main reasons I started searching for my biological family: fear of missed opportunities and a great deal of support. My birth parents were in their late 30s or early 40s when I was conceived. I knew that they were getting older. Even though I feared that they might not be alive now, I knew that was a crucial reason to search for them at this time.

It took me a long time to search for my biological parents because I feared rejection. But in November, I found a great deal of support online. One girl from high school shared her story about meeting her birth family. I had no idea she was adopted, and her story inspired me. Also, I found support through adoptee groups on Facebook. Everyone had unique stories about reunions. Several people said they learned important things about themselves, including their genetics and common interests with their biological relatives. Even though I knew that my experience might not be as positive as theirs, I felt more confident to begin my search.

After starting my journey, I realized that I needed assistance on how to follow through with it. In January, I sought help from a search agency. I found DNAngels on Facebook. The genealogists (also known as search angels) educated me about my family tree on Ancestry. They answered all my search questions, conducted thorough research about names and contact information, built my family tree, and empathized with my emotions. I have been in daily contact with my angels for the last month. They have been a tremendous source of assistance and comfort.

The Emotional Impact of Searching for My Biological Family

So far, the anxiety and fear about my search turned into hope and excitement. I was relieved to learn that my biological father was alive. Two weeks ago, I talked to a biological uncle on the phone for the first time. He told me about my birth father, their family, and the creative traits that they have. My uncle seems like a kind man. I feel hopeful that my biological father and other relatives will be the same way.

Even though I still struggle with fear and doubts from time to time, I am able to handle them better. I am more aware of when my hopes turn into expectations and when I start ruminating on negative thoughts. I now know that no matter what happens and what I learn, I am loved and supported.

To learn more about my journey and some insights about the search process, watch my video below.

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