Pain of Sexual Addiction - TV Show Recap

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While the term "sexual addiction" may not be accepted in the world of psychiatry, Medical Director, Dr. Harry Croft, says it is very real and carries hefty consequences.

Dr. Croft, who is triple board-certified (Addiction Medicine, Sex Therapy, Adult Psychiatry), maintains that it's a matter of semantics. "If you want to call it sexual addiction or sexual compulsion, the end results are the same," he says.

"The definition of addiction applies no matter what the habit of choice may be. Any behavior that is chronic, compulsive, and carries negative consequences is considered an addiction. Make no mistake, sexual addiction does fit into these categories."

“An addiction left un-helped is an addiction that will keep growing”
- Jonathan Daugherty

Sexual Addiction Can Destroy Your Life

Our guest, Jonathan Daugherty, was the definition of a sexual addict. For 13 years, Jonathan lived a secret life and stopped at nothing until he got his fix.

At the young age of 12, he recalls being introduced into the world of pornography by way of a Playboy magazine. That’s all it took for this young boy to begin searching for more. This led to excessive masturbation during middle school and high school, which later turned into something much more serious.

As he got older, Jonathan hoped getting married would resolve his addiction to sex. Little did he know it would end up tearing his life apart.

Addicted to Sex - Crossing the Lines

During the HealthyPlace TV Show, Jonathan discussed in great detail the power of his addiction and the great lengths he would go through to keep this secret life from everyone around him. He crossed lines and rationalized every step of the way. His addiction to sex took him from looking at JC Penney catalogs to soliciting prostitutes. He was at the point of no return. After countless indiscretions and thousands of dollars later, he confessed to his wife and got the help he needed.

Helping Others Recover From Sexual Addiction

Now, the founder of Be Broken Ministries, he commits his life to helping others who suffer with sexual addiction. Although Jonathan has come a long way from his days as a sexual addict, he confesses that he can’t do it alone. He credits his recovery to his counseling and group sessions, people in his life that hold him accountable, and of course, his wife. He is happy to report that after a 9-month separation, they have been back together for over 9 years.

Being Addicted to Sex is No Laughing Matter

Dr. Croft wants viewers to know that this addiction is severe. Don’t let the controversy surrounding the validity sexual addiction fool you. The pain and end results are real.

If you are engaging in illicit behavior such as countless one night stands, having affairs if you are married, soliciting prostitutes, or spending countless hours and dollars viewing internet porn, you should seek help before you spiral out of control. As Jonathan mentioned in his candid interview, it requires much more than just "saying no."

If you think you might be struggling with this problem, take a minute to evaluate yourself with our online sexual addiction test. Together with Jonathan’s story, it could be just what you need to take that first step to freeing yourself and living a better life.

If you missed our show on the Pain of Sexual Addiction, you can watch it "on-demand".

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