Compulsive Overeating, Food Addiction Show - Recap

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On the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show - causes and treatments of food addiction, compulsive overeating. Plus take a food addiction test. Watch on-demand.

On tonight’s show, Dr. Harry Croft did a wonderful job in explaining food addiction. Due to technical difficulties, our scheduled guest, Caryl Ehrlich was not able to share her insight with us.

Dr. Croft provided insights into addiction to food, saying that those who suffer often deal with other issues and use food as a coping mechanism. Compulsive overeating often includes food that is high in fat and sugar; never food that is good for us such as carrots or celery.

Remember that you are able to use HealthyPlace as a resource for you or anyone you know who is dealing with a food addiction. If you feel like you can relate to the vicious cycle that Dr. Croft was referring to, take the time to take our food addiction test to help determine if its something that might be a significant issue in your life.

A First Person Account of Binge Eating Disorder

If you would like to find out more information on our guest, Caryl, visit her website at

Join us next Tuesday, August 11, at 7:30p CST, 8:30 ET as we discuss the psychological process of undergoing a sex change. Our special guest will take us through the journey and the taboo that is often linked to this topic.

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