Food Addiction - Aug. 4

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Food addiction causes pain in so many lives. What causes overeating, binge eating and can food addiction be successfully treated? Watch the HealthyPlace TV Show now to find out.

We'll be discussing food addiction on the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show this Tuesday. With depression, obesity and diabetes on the rise in the United States, addiction to food is a serious matter. Finding out the reason why you are overeating is the first step to living a life free of shame.

Join us as we talk to Caryl Ehrlich, founder of the Caryl Ehrlich Program. To date she has helped more than 2000 people lose weight, keep it off and stick to their commitment. She has found success by identifying what caused her to overeat when she wasn’t hungry and used that power to help others.

Dr. Harry Croft,’s trusted medical expert, will also be on the show to help us make sense of this complex addiction. He will take us through the emotions and triggers that are source of overeating (Read Dr. Croft's blog post on Food Addiction, Compulsive Overeating).

Watch the show to get a better understanding of food addiction - an addiction that has caused pain in so many lives. If you are eating to suppress feelings or binge eating in secret, you need to watch our show. If you are wondering whether you are addicted to food, take our food addiction test. wants you to live your best life.

A First Person Account of Binge Eating Disorder

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