Mental Illness and Relationships: It's Complicated

August 30, 2011 Amanda_HP

When cruising Facebook profiles, many times under "relationship status," you'll find someone wrote "it's complicated." As a matter of fact, you'll find the phrase on so many profiles, it's become sort of a joke. What's no laughing matter is that for many with a mental illness, relationships can be complicated.

deltra-coyne-150x150Deltra Coyne writes the blog "Relationships and Mental Illness." On the relationships blog, she discusses things like her father's difficulty in accepting that she has bipolar disorder and whether you should share your mental illness with your employer and fellow workers (probably not a good idea, she says, unless you need an accommodation).

Deltra joins us for a wide-ranging discussion on relationships and mental illness. We talk about sharing your diagnosis with others, losing friends over your mental illness, romantic relationships, what support means and more. Take a look.

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