Why Can Childhood Sexual Abuse Lead to Promiscuity?

September 4, 2017 Tia Hollowood

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse may try to cope with PTSD symptoms by engaging in sexual promiscuity. Here is how one survivor explains why this happens.

At first, the idea that sexual promiscuity can result from childhood sexual abuse seems illogical. Wouldn't someone who suffered sexual abuse have difficulty creating intimate relationships and work to avoid personal contact? While this can often be the case, a review of the research on childhood sexual abuse (from the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, or AAETS) confirms that a large number of survivors engage in promiscuous behaviors, even those who turn away close relationships. Here are some of the reasons why childhood sexual abuse can lead to promiscuity.

The AAETS report also supports the finding that childhood sexual abuse is known to result in a myriad of symptoms including depression, sleep disturbances, poor self-esteem, guilt, shame, dissociative disorders, anxiety, and relationship difficulties. Often these symptoms exist under the umbrella of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In my case, dissociation, shame, and poor self-esteem were the PTSD symptoms I believe led to my promiscuity during my late teens.

Sexual Abuse Survivors Often Equate Promiscuity with Self-Worth

My trauma had ended, but I remained silent about the sexual abuse. In fact, for several years after it ended, I maintained contact with my abuser. The abuse I suffered had been so normalized that I stuffed it away and attempted to minimize it. In fact, my abuse had incorrectly convinced me, that I had to be sexually desirable to have any self-worth.

Promiscuity in Sexual Abuse Survivors Masks Other PTSD Symptoms

Sex became an escape on several levels. It was a dopamine-, serotonin-, endorphin-loaded experience. I did not have to be emotionally attached. I could have the satisfaction of being found attractive, wanted, and worthwhile, while still escaping any controlling relationship or the possibility of abandonment. As a final defense, my reckless encounters could trigger dissociation, which remained my ultimate escape for many years.

My actual symptoms of sexual abuse were still there in all their untreated glory. I eventually realized that I only felt better for short moments at a time. People began to label me and look down on me. My escape began to create more wounds than it could hide. I was becoming even more withdrawn. I needed help.

Replacing Promiscuity with Treatment for Childhood Sexual Abuse and PTSD

It took me a long time to recover from my childhood trauma. Rebuilding a healthy sense of self-worth was a large part of my recovery. I needed help to realize that promiscuity is not a dirty word. Choosing to have numerous consensual partners does not make anyone cheap or morally deficient. What is wrong is shaming someone because they have had sex with multiple partners. At the same time, I needed help to realize that sex without intimacy does not reflect love or affection. We are lovable and worth being around without presenting ourselves as sexually available.

Finally, I needed to learn that promiscuity doesn't cure the symptoms of PTSD caused by childhood sexual abuse. Long-term healing takes time and help. I was afraid to discuss my abuse or my promiscuity with my first few counselors. I wish I had known that a good therapist would not be surprised or judgemental about anyone's trauma or behaviors. When I finally could discuss everything, a tremendous weight began to lift from my shoulders. I needed to tell my entire story to heal.

Promiscuity is a difficult topic to address. I know we heal with each other and strengthen each other by sharing our stories. Please feel free to add to the discussion below. Your email information is private, and I will respond to everyone who comments.


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Author: Tia Hollowood

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May, 9 2024 at 11:07 pm

I have fallen in Love with a survivor of childhood sexual molestation. She had become promiscuous and seduced me before I knew the extent of her trauma. I fell in Love with her, wanted to help and protect her. I wanted to end the cycle of abuse and promiscuity. I Love her but she pushes me away. Is it her self worth, what can I do to help her? I don't care how many men she has had sex with, I just want to be the last one. I care for her so much. It breaks my heart to see a woman throwing herself at undeserving men. All I want to do is love her.

March, 12 2024 at 10:26 am

I suffered from sexual abuse in my youth by my father then counseled by my pastor & taken advantage of and raped by him. I was promiscuous as a young adult with no love or affection involved. I was also sodomized later in my adult life. I have difficulty in relationships with trust & sex. Especially certain touches. I suffer with bipolar disorder, depression, & ptsd.

James B.
November, 17 2023 at 9:13 pm

Being able to tell our WHOLE story in all the horrible details REALLY helped me. I never would have thought it would feel as much of a relief as it did.

September, 24 2023 at 1:57 pm

Wow. I keep getting kicked out of church because of this. My mom and the church leaders don’t understand why I keep committing sexual sins. I told them that the reason I was, is because I was sexually abused by my stepdad for 6 years when I was 14. They don’t think that’s the reason and my mom said that if that didn’t happen to me, I still would’ve been promiscuous. They don’t believe me because it never happened to them. That’s my life.

April, 20 2023 at 7:58 am

I was sexually abused by my babysitter's teenage daughter. I was only 9 years old. The night it happened, the babysitter and her husband went out for their anniversary dinner and left their daughter in charge. Their son was a teenager and really nice. He was working at Taco Bell that night. I was playing in the spare room and she asked me to come in her room. Then she started talking crazy about the bible and then sexually molested me. She told me to keep my mouth shut and because I had thought she was nice up until that night I got scared I couldn't say anything or we both would be in trouble.
I didn't come forward to my parent until I was 16 yr old. I was put in therapy and was told to write a letter to her and then tear it up and throw it away. (That didn't work).
I started being promiscuous in 8th grade and as an adult. It was hard for me to sort my feelings because I was transgender and loved women sexually so to be a female to male transgender and have to figure out your sexual orientation as well was a pain.
As an adult I began having sex with men in private (for pay only) and loving being with women in public (even though I hadn't come out to myself about being a man & knowing that sense I was 5 years old).
I even had paid gangbang parties. I never understood why I did it for the money. I think I kept trying to Force myself to have sex with men so that maybe I would finally one day enjoy having sex with guys and then I maybe I could "Please" my family by going back to being a "Good" Straight Women. I even "De-Transitioned" (off the testosterone) just to "Please" my Birth mother and almost killed myself after 6 torturous years of being off the testosterone.
It has taken me so many years to finally realize I come first, Speak up when something isn't right, excepting that I am a man and only love women romantically, and to stop trying to force myself to be someone I'm not.
Therapy might help for some but for me every time I went to therapy I never got anywhere. I have had to do my Own research, past reviewing, and heal on my own from past traumas. And ultimately it just doesn't matter what anyone says about Who "They believe" you should be. You know deep in your heart Who you are, Who you love, and what goals / path your going on. Just Please, BE TRUE to who YOU ARE. You are all unique humans and each have a special light about you No matter what people think. Afterall, that old saying, "We are the weird" is true on so many levels. ❤️🔦

Hannah Kolter
March, 9 2023 at 9:32 am

My abuse started just past age 12 when my puberty started and i started wetting the bed because of it.Mom got me cloth diapers and rubberpants to wear to bed at night rather than the disposable products.My brother,Jason was 15,and thought it was a real hoot that i was wearing the diapers and rubberpants to bed.The one saturday night mom and dad went out and mom put the diapers and rubberpants on me early in the evening.I was in my room on my bed reading when Jason came in and sat down on my bed.I had my night gown on which was just below my knees and he was looking at my diapers and rubberpants under it.He told me i looked like a baby,then laid beside me and started rubbing his hand over my groin! I was shocked,but he said it was ok,since i was like a baby.After a few minutes of rubbing his hand over my diapers and rubberpants he left.This went on when ever mom and dad went out and i accepted it as he was very convincing.Then when i was 14,i finially made my First Holy Communion in the class of 7 year olds.I was dressed in a cute,poofy,top of the knees,sleeveless communion dress and veil with lace anklets and white mary jane shoes and since i was still bedwetting,mom put the diapers and rubberpants on me so i would be more little girlish.After my party that sunday afternoon,Jason who was then 17, went to hang out with his friends and mom and dad took some relatives to the airport.I was home alone then when a friend of Jason stopped by to see if jason was home.He told me how cute and little girlish i looked and i was flattered.He then embraced me and started kissing me which surprised me,but he told me it was a special kiss for my First Communion! He kept on kissing me which caused me to be lost in the moment! The next thing i knew he put his hand up under the back of my dress and felt my cloth diapers and rubberpants and told me i really was a little girl! I could tell he was very aroused and i was nervous! He then undid his pants and pulled them down along with his underwear,then told me he had to be satisfied and pushed me to my knees and trust his erection into my mouth,held my head and started thrusting it back and forth.I tried to resist,but it was no use.He eventually came in my mouth and forced me to swallow his semen! He left a few minutes later and i went to my room and started crying! Even tho he was Jasons friend,i never saw him again and was afraid to tell anyone as to what happened!

Chrissy M.
June, 4 2023 at 7:59 am

To Hannah Kolter-I to was a puberty bedwetter and like you,wore the cloth diapers and rubberpants to bed every night untill past 15.My younger brother thought it was a 'hoot' that i was in diapers and rubberpants at night! My abuse started at 13 when i was the flowergirl in my niece's wedding.I wore a white sleeveless,poofy,above the knees flowergirl dress with a veil,lace anklets and white shoes.Mom put my diapers and rubberpants on me,telling me they would make me feel cuter and more little girlish for my role as flowergirl!During the wedding dance,an 18 year old guy asked me to dance with him so i did and he started talking to me and told me how cute i looked.After a while,he took me to a class room and told me he wanted to be alone with me and talk.Soon one thing led to another,and he put his hand under my dress and felt my diapers and rubberpants and he got very aroused!He got me to my knees and made me give him oral sex which i had never done before! The next year when i was 14,i did my 8th grade confirmation and us girls had to wear white dresses and veils with tights and white shoes.Mom put the diapers and rubberpants on me again under the tights.A male cousin who came to my party,kept eyeing me,and he saw the diapers and rubberpants under my tights when mom lifted up my dress and showed them to a friend of mine! He got me alone down in our basement and put his hand on the back of my tights and rubbed his hand over the back.He tried to get me to my knees to give him oral sex,but i refused.I finially stopped my bedwetting past 15 and was happy to be out of the diapers and rubberpants!

Jennifer M.
June, 15 2023 at 8:19 am

To Hannah Kolter-You weren't the only girl who wore a diaper and rubberpants under her communion dress!When i made my First Holy Communion at 15,my parish,Immaculate Conception,had the dress code for girls that called for a poofy,short sleeve,knee length communion dress and veil with the lace anklets and white mary jane shoes and a white tee shirt with a cloth diaper and rubberpants under our dresses!Most of the kids in the class were 2nd graders,but there were a few older girls,preteen and teen girls like me.Before the ceremony,me and some of the older girls were talking about how weird it was having a cloth diaper and rubberpants on under our communion dresses.The rubberpants i had on over my diaper were adult size and fit me somewhat blousy and crinkled under my dress!

Samantha Holton
July, 17 2023 at 7:14 am

To Jennifer M.- My parish did confirmation at 16 and in 10th grade.The strict dress code for us girls was a white,poofy,short sleeve,floor length dress with a veil,wrist length gloves,and under our dresses a white tee shirt with a cloth diaper,plastic pants,tights and white maryjane style shoes! Two weeks before the ceremony,us girls had to go to the parish on a saturday morning and each of us was given the pair of white adult size plastic pants that we had to wear over the diaper so we would all have the same kind on.The morning of the ceremony,mom powdered me,pinned the diaper on me,then put the plastic pants on over the diaper.I put the white tights on next,then the tee shirt,then mom put the dress and veil on me,and last the shoes.Needless to say,i felt somewhat like a baby with the diaper and plastic pants on under my tights!Before the ceremony,me and some of the other girls were talking about how weird we felt with the diaper and plastic pants on under our tights.The boys were all in their required white suits and ties and they all knew that we had the diaper and plastic pants on under our tights!

Kayla Holtom
August, 6 2023 at 7:37 pm

I was abused when i was 13 as a flowergirl in my cousins wedding.I was dressed as a 'little'girl in a poofy white sleeveless,above the knees flowergirl dress with a head wreath,lace socks and white shoes..To make me more little girlish,mom put a pair of super large size baby rubberpants on me with a camisole as my top.I felt like a little girl and everyone told me how cute i looked! During the wedding dance,i was dancing with a 19 year old,good looking guy..After a while he suggested we go for a walk and we wound up in a class room and he started kissing me! I was thrilled that i was finally being kissed! A few minutes later he put his hand up under the front of my dress and started rubbing his hand over the crotch of my rubberpants.He told me i really was a little girl!He unzipped my flowergirl dress and pulled it off of me and i turned red as he saw my camisole and baby rubberpants.He dropped his pants and undershorts,then forced me to my knees and forced his hard erection into my mouth and made me suck it! That was the first time i was abused and i still have flashbacks about it!

Jazimine R.
August, 19 2023 at 7:59 am

To Jennifer M,and Hannah K.-When i made my First Holy Communion at 14,There were 4 other teen girls in the class with me along with the 7 year olds.We had to follow the required dress code and wear a poofy,short sleeve,knee length communion dress and veil with white tights and white maryjane shoes and a white tee shirt with a cloth diaper and rubberpants under our tights! Mom sewed a package of 10 cloth diapers together in the 24x27 inch size to make one diaper out of them and then got the white rubberpants in adult size.She pinned the diaper on me with baby diaper pins.The tights were the high waist style that came up above my belly button.The tee shirt had to be tucked into the tights.Me and the other 4 teen girls felt like babies with the diaper and rubberpants on under our tights and every one knew we were wearing them!

February, 26 2023 at 8:10 am

I am thankful to all who share about their trauma stories.
I am still processing mine….
Determined to heal….
But finding the most important part after 25 years of trying to find the “right” help, is that it all helps even a little.
Sexual abuse creates layers upon layers of various emotional, spiritual, mental and physical scar tissue and it is work to sift through and manage it all.
I was always told that children who were sexually abused grew up to be frigid and fearful of sex. That confused me in the worst way….. likely part of what caused me to plummet into the depths if self hate….
I became obsessed with the body feelings that sex delivered. The way my abuser went about it was to teach me how to be, to entice me and draw me in. I was 6 years old when it started. I was a child. A tiny little girl whose family life was wrecked by severe emotional and physical abuse…. I was a prime target. There were several of us kids in carious ages that this man abused for many years and many times a week.
Promiscuity became my life.
The extreme edge was where i NEEDED to be in order to feel anything. As children we were involved in the making of this man’s pornography and Seeing this stuff became my norm way too young.
I lost my childhood, my teens and my young to mid adult life because of the abuses that had become like a vulture in my life.
I have questioned myself on every level including my sanity and my sexuality….. it has been a hard and very dark road.
I feel for each woman and man who has had to learn, without resources, how to survive because I know the story and we recreate the story over and over and over again.
I was terrified, until yesterday, to ever tell anyone ever that the experience if orgasm at 6 was still an orgasm. It still released the neurons and hormones that an orgasm in an adult released. It felt good even as I was terrified. I was caught in a juxtaposition that had no escape clause. After 5 or so years of this constant release of the feel good brain chemicals and the terror chemicals that our brains naturally produce being produced at the same time….. i was set up. I was addicted….
I am now almost 55 and i have finally spoken of the one part that held me captive to shame…. How could I betray myself by feeling any pleasure as a child while an old man did things a child should never experience? But that was the story. That is truth. My truth. I have taken to learning about how our brains and bodies respond to orgasm and violence and threat and have actually come to learn that we are just made that way. And i did not betray myself. I was abused by those who had a plan and a purpose and now, many years later, I am finally able to see the reasons behind the extremely promiscuous life I have lived.
I pray that one day I will have the freedom in my mind to really live with my whole self as an integrated whole. I am not sure that I will ever know the intimate love shared between a man and a woman but I am learning that love is real. Love comes to me by way of my family….. who love me in the midst of my horror…. and within my precious little family is a friend I have prayed many years for…. One who could walk with me down the dark holes I must journey in order to make peace with myself. I am only now learning, slowly, to trust for the first time and to receive real love.
Healing does come.
But it comes.
Please write your stories and even when reading other storues feels frustrating, just remember, you are not alone.

January, 29 2023 at 9:31 pm

Thank you so much for writing all this, Tia. I feel reassured and appreciate both the reassurance and guidance. Thank you for your honesty and openesss.

January, 14 2023 at 10:27 am

Thank you, for putting into words what has haunted me for the last 15 years. Thank you.
I'm sorry this happened to you, to any of us. But thank you for sharing. I'm currently reprocessing and it has resurfaced very bad emotional pain. It will be worth it, but it's the hardest thing I've ever chose to do. Stay strong. Heal.

December, 31 2022 at 2:18 pm

I was abuse for family member I was 5-8 years old and I like it but I stop to them , saying no no more I know I was doing bad thing . when I turn 21 get married but never enjoy sex at all not feel anything I feel entry .. take so many year enjoy sex I pass por multiple parent. To see if I can fix my self. But nothing. When I turn 38 I star feeling enjoying sex but is to hard for me to have in orgasm but I love the sensación no matter if I don’t orgasm And I always sexually aroused some one can help me with this

December, 28 2022 at 8:26 pm

Wow, just to say this is the only article I’ve read that really hits the nail on the head for me and my experience. Absolutely so true about self esteem and self worth.
I was 15 when I was raped, it was on holiday in the Dominican Republic and by a bar staff member. I didn’t consider it rape for a long time as I thought I had got myself into the situation and there was no physical violence (despite him holding me down as I was kicking and saying “no”). I went on to have consensual sex the next day with another staff member and had multiple sexual encounters in my remaining time there. I also went on to sleep with regular strangers after that for many years. Up until now I had no idea why did it and felt so much shame.
It wasn’t until I was in my 20s when people would discuss losing their virginities that emotions began to connect for me. Realising it was stolen from me and having to avoid the “first time” convo at all costs. It was at this point that PTSD symptoms really began to surface and I would get flash backs during sex with anyone I had an emotional connection with. I did go to “self lead counselling” for a few months which did not help et all (I completely shut down emotionally and was unable to connect to what happened. The “counsellor” ended up making me feel like I was wasting their time by telling me that funding was short and other people could have been having my place).
I then went on to develop an eating disorder and having a complete break down. I was wondering how common it is for eating disorders to emerge following childhood sexual abuse too?
Many thanks for your honesty. This has genuinely helped in my healing.

September, 16 2022 at 12:10 am

I was sexually abused at age 9-14, then at 15-17 I was sexually harassed by the same person who sexually abused me (I'm currently 18). For a majority of all my life and main developmental phases, all I've known is abuse and exploitation.
All my memories in regard to the early stages of abuse have faded in and out over the years. I remember when it first happened, when it got serious, and when it started taking a toll on my mental development and how I perceive sex and relationships.
I began consuming unhealthy amounts of pornographic content, then I began re-exposing myself to sexual abuse by talking to strangers online, I began engaging in promiscuous behaviors and acts, developing destructive kinks on the brink of abuse, and then I went so far as to take explicit and compromising photos of myself which were then sent to a stranger online who wanted to hurt me for his own fun.
I've since stopped a majority of those activities, all that remains is my unhealthy relationship with pornographic content, and residual promiscuous behaviors which I deter by interacting only with family, friends, and coworkers since it's only then my promiscuous behaviors never occur.
I've also found better ways to cope without being destructive to myself, through working out, doing art, and having the occasional self-hug and cry session taking a moment to remind myself I'm okay, and that my emotions are valid.
I haven't yet begun to truly heal from the years of physical and mental abuse, but with each day I'm getting better.
My ultimate reasoning for typing this was just to let someone out there know that I'm doing okay...

September, 7 2022 at 1:19 pm

The youngest I can remember is my sexual abuse started at 3 years old by my father. This went on for 10 years. I do not remember my child hold as a little girl , only the abuse. It was garden through out my life time trust. U built walls. I have alot if health issue's. Mentally and physically. I nervous breakdown and close to a few more . u gave been degraded because I was not a virgin in my relationships. I am 63 now. Married 43 years but its be rough. The loneliness. 2 sons the walls I had raising them. Due to fear. But they knew I loved them with all my heart. Till this day still have trouble sleeping , trusting.

Sophia Elan
July, 15 2022 at 3:28 pm

My childhood sexual abuse, together with a lifetime of other abuses (including spousal attempted murder), firmly entrenched me in the promiscuous camp. I played a sort of sexual Russian roulette with my body all my life. Reading others’ comments is simultaneously comforting and saddening. Healing doesn’t happen in silence or solitude. After a lifetime of repression and suppression, I finally healed at 56 and am now enjoying reciprocal true love. My healing came from my researching and chronicling via writing my first book, a story of triumphing over trauma, “Roar: Primed for Peace. Self Heal from Trauma for Health, Happiness & Harmony.” 95% of our brains operate at the subconscious level and if we want to change our negative, limiting beliefs and self-destructive behavior, we have to address it accordingly. You can heal once you find the way. Wishing peace to all of you….

July, 8 2022 at 12:37 pm

My girlfriend cheated on me for 1.5 years and when I broke it off with her she disclosed that she has CSA history with her half brother (he passed away late 2017 from drug overdose). Our sex life was good in the beginning of the relationship but then we stopped having sex in 2020 during the pandemic because she thought she was “broken” and didn’t want sex or anything and pushed me away - I couldn’t even touch her or communicate with her, it’s almost like she lost complete attraction towards me. Then in 2021 I caught her flirting with other guys and decided to take a break from each other, and come to find out she cheated on me days into our break and has been with the guy ever since - she was living a double life and had a full relationship with this guy, having sex with no condoms, and thought they were soulmates, kids, marriage etc.. (the guy even disclosed that she had her first orgasm with him, something I found hard to believe because she couldn’t have orgasm - which I’m sure is related to PTSD from CSA trauma) long story short, i broke up with her and told her I wouldn’t talk to her until she got a therapist, and after a month she did, but has been in contact with the guy still.. when I found this out I went no contact on her again and finally starting my journey to heal. I’m confused because she still tells me that she loves me and she doesn’t know who she was when she was with him, and why she did the things she did. I’m sure she did that to just keep me around but I’ve heard of CSA victims cheating on spouses they actually love and infidelity is some sort of coping mechanism to self sabotage a good relationship.. can anybody relate to this or give me any insight?

July, 7 2022 at 9:43 pm

Wow. All of these replies are so helpful. I feel less alone. I was molested repeatedly by a neighbor boy—I believe a high schooler—when I was either 4 or 6. My older brother delivered me each time to this boy’s house. I guess my brother was a victim too, I had night terrors and panic attacks and was so afraid someone would come in the night and stab me to death. I told my mother about the abuse and she said it was no big deal. A little nothing. My father was sexual toward me in some ways. I was just sexusluzed and used my sexuality to feel self worth. I think getting guys to like me gave me finally a sense of power. They would want to keep seeing me or get a commitment and I enjoyed shafting them. When I was 20 I went to a plastic surgeon to have a bump removed on my nose. Before the surgery he said I had to have an exam. Alone with him in the examining room, he made me take all my clothes off and he gave me a thorough gynecological and breast exam. I told no one. My first marriage was a disaster—an unfaithful, cruel narcissistic. I am in a much better marriage now but suffer from shame, guilt, tons of anger, fear, PTSD, OCD(sexual obsession) fibromyalgia. I know I take my pain out on others. I am in therapy and starting the healing. It has taken decades to really address my issues.

June, 11 2022 at 4:52 pm

I was about 8 or 9 when my step father started doing things to me, my mother had to of known because it was being done sometimes right in front of her. I was in I think middle school when I finally went to her and told her what was going on. She had him move out but almost 2 weeks later when I got home from school he was back. It was at that moment my mother removed herself from parenting and forced me to depend on this man for everything. Anything I needed I had to ask him, rides places he would take me. She basically served me to him on a platter. It sickened me but what choice did I have but to adapt. This was how life would be from then on, it became "normal" even though it wasn't at all normal. I tried escaping that house, that man, that world. Getting married at 17, moving to a new state but always ending back there. Having to call and ask him for help, having only him to go to for advice or to just talk. It was how I had to adapt and to survive. It's beyond sick I know this but if my mom wouldn't protect me then who would. Eventually I needed a job and who was there to give me one, with decent pay, good hours, medical but you him. So now in my early 20's with 2 kids I still find myself being cornered and touch and totally violated. When this would happen I would just shut off, go blank trying to block it out.
Let's fast forward years to my current issue and situation, I stupidly placed myself in a situation with a man isolated myself alone in a bathroom with him. Not in anyways to be sexual, I was at my home and he came over so I could help him with some paperwork. I didn't know this man to well but he had been over a few times before with one of my close friends. Nothing about him gave off any red flags but was I wrong. My boyfriend and I had been and still are going through a very rough time at that time he wasn't living at home, had no time for our family and was checked out of life with me. This man was familiar with who my boyfriend was they hung out in the same social circle. I was not in anyway interested in this other man, I was simply doing him a favor and didn't think anything other. I must admit at the time I was using drugs to help me cope so this is why the isolation in the bathroom took place.
I was cooking dinner for my 4 children when the man showed up unexpectedly. I let him in and he went into the bathroom that was right in the kitchen area. After securing the stove top I entered the bathroom. It was after a few minutes of smoking that he stood up, went to kiss me. I pulled back from him and said "no, I can't". At that point I was going to exit the bathroom but he grabbed my wrist and turned me so my back was against his front. His heavy breathing down my neck spun me into a frozen like stance. As I'm looking at myself in this mirror all I see looking back was 10 year old me. I couldn't do much I froze. My mind had a million things running through it and I couldn't process any of it. It all was so quick. I remember seeing him with a condom in his hand, I remember him trying to pull my pants down but having trouble because I was so clinched tight they wouldn't move down past mid butt cheek. He was breathing so heavy, it was so hot and running down my neck. It was just how my step dad would breathe on me rubbing against me. The only motion I managed to make was to reach my arm up and slide it down the wall turung the light off. I couldn't bare look at myself letting this happen.. everything's kind of a blur it was quick and I'm not sure if he ever was able to penetrate me. He then left, I finished dinner and went to shower. My boyfriend happened to show up right after he left and looked at me said "what's wrong with you"? But not once stopping to hear me and left. I had no one to talk to, not one person. I lived with this for almost a year. It wasn't till a huge fight that I finally came out and tried to tell my boyfriend. But once I said "I have been with someone". He got me in my head with a curling iron breaking not just the curling iron in half but my head as well. Since that day I am constantly reminded of what happened. I'm having trouble trying to work past this event. I didn't want what happened to happen, I didn't mean to freeze up and be so weak but it happened. My boyfriend well now ex keeps saying that it's my fault, that I'm lying and there is no way I just froze. Was it my fault though? Yes I guess in a way but I didn't think that I would ever be put into a situation like that again. Idk anymore. I know that this has ruined my relationship, robbed my children of a father. He is consumed by it, wanting to use it to hurt me because it hurts him. But I'm already living with it, having to deal with what it's done to me without any support from anyone. I want him to not hurt from this stupid mistake I made, from my weakness and I want to leave it in the past. I guess because of what I went through as a child I have developed the ability of suppressing things that I guess we should. I just try to move on to the next day and go about life. Having no one but myself is a hard thing and I wish I could show my now ex that I'm not okay, but I don't know how. Am I that sick that i just want to go on and not think about it happening? That isn't normal I know but it's the only way I know how to survive and not let everything consume me.

December, 28 2022 at 8:37 pm

Girl, of course it’s not your fault. I froze in exactly the same way!! I always imagined that I would fight and kick them in the balls, scream and shout but after an initial moment of kicking and saying “no” I froze up and let it happen. It’s a common evolutionary response- fight, flight or freeze.
I’m so sorry this has happened to you and that your ex doesn’t believe you. You don’t need his validation but I totally understand you wanting it. It’s also really normal to not want to emotionally connect with it. I didn’t for about 10 years after it happened!
Have you searched for any free counselling in your area to help deal with things?
Are you still working for your step dad? I really want you to be able to get away from him. Sending all the love your way ❤️

Peggy Joseph
April, 27 2022 at 9:44 am

I recently started sharing with my therapist that I was sexually abuse as child by my stepfather and brother. I never knew that being promiscuous and childhood sexaul abuse was a direct link. I was shocked even to be told that. As she explains it "that's all you know" I have buried these feelings so long and never really dealt with them. I was so shamed and blamed myself for many years. It's been 40 years since the assault happened and this is the first time in my life that I've admitted. I am trying to heal because I have some depression and it's so hard for me to forgive myself. I've tried so hard to forgive and struggle every time. I know better, but my mind won't allow myself to feel grace. The article resonate with me and I felt compel to speak up. Thank you for sharing your experience and I know now that I'm not alone.

April, 26 2022 at 12:17 am

I have been with my wife for 22 years and have found lots of things that anyone would believe she has cheated. She denies everything even though it is obvious. I feel she has no respect for me. We have 2 children and she says she hates that I think that way about her. But still I find her involved with men in an unhealthy way and I am made to feel like I am over reacting. She says she wants to tell me about what happened but she doesn’t trust me. She has told me lies about it and never wanted to share anything with me. I know in my heart I should leave but it is hard for I do love her. But I know I can’t help her as I am not the one for her. How do I leave.

March, 11 2022 at 11:07 am

You're writing my story. Over the years information about sexual abuse has become more helpful and less taboo, even though the 'judgment' is still alive and well. When people don't understand something they tend to judge. People are horrified by it, and should be, but they don't understand how it effects a child and their development. I experienced it and I am still learning how to grasp the scope of its impact on my self-image and my life choices. I Googled this topic because I am in counseling to deal with the end of my marriage and other assorted unresolved issues. In one recent session I mentioned that I am still ashamed of the choices I made as a teen and young adult (promiscuous choices) that I have never told anyone about. Now I am old and alone with plenty of time on my hands to sit still and breathe and discover who I am and what my needs really are. This is both freeing and disappointing - but mostly freeing. Your blog is so encouraging to me. I think it is most helpful to realize that 'you' as an individual are not alone in an experience. And there is so much to learn about moving on from the people who have found healthy ways to moved forward. I am glad to have found your blog. Thank you so much for being transparent and sharing 'you' with the rest of us.

February, 10 2022 at 1:11 am

I was sexually abused when I was 8 years old by a family friend. It went on for a year. He was bold enough to do it in another room with my parents in the livingroom! They trusted him that much. When I told my parents when I was 13 after having nightmares, they didnt believe me. No one called the cops or got me counseling and it was brushed under the rug. I then figured it was my fault. I became promiscuous and had to always have a boyfriend for fear of being alone. I experimented with drugs, was in a few abusive relationships and one night at a rave while I was high, I only remember waking up at a friend's house, not sure how I got home or how I had different clothes on. I believe something happened but I don't remember. I met my now husband 20 years ago and not long after we married I began sleeping with random guys. Ones that would tell me I was sexy. My husband was not very affectionate. Guys would give me compliments and it wouldn't take long before I slept with them. But when it happened I felt like I wasn't there mentally. I would lay there. Like I was off somewhere else. I have seen a counselor since then and me and my husband are still together but it's been a long road and still is hard. He asks me questions all the time, like why I didnt show remorse when I was with these men, why would I let them use me like that? I always feel I dont know how to explain it. I went into a deep depression a few years ago and have been on medication since. I think about what happened everyday. My abuser will never pay for what he did to me. I'm 41 years old and I still can remember what abuse I endured. I hate myself everyday for thr pain I caused my husband but I don't know how to explain why I slept with these men. I don't even understand it. I refuse to go places by myself unless I take one of our kids with us (they are teens), because I dont want a man to talk to me. Any advice?

February, 1 2022 at 10:06 pm

I've lost my biological mother to overdose on drugs, been adopted, grew up being molested by my brother for years (9-12), lost my virginity by being raped (14) forcefully and painfully, and have been assaulted several times. I lost all hope and self worth was very promiscuous in my teens and very early 20's and even got so low I got hooked on drugs for a while and even sold myself once. I always thought I was just this bad person that had a sex issue but finally realizing its stemmed from my childhood sexual traumas. I lost my fiancé because he couldn't deal with my past he knew too much and thought my promiscuity was my choice. I couldn't talk about my traumas with him in fear of losing him I shut down and had really bad anxiety when he brought up my sexual past. It was too much for him to handle and I was bringing him down. We lost a child together and now I lost him. I am completely just at wits end and finally seeking help. I don't know if anyone would ever be able to love me with all that I've done and been through. This is my first time ever speaking out about this and always swept it under the rug but finally realizing my traumas are effecting my life.. I think I may have PTSD personality disorder, anxiety, or some type of issues could this be this really be the reason or did I bring this onto myself?

December, 15 2021 at 2:29 pm

Hello Tia,
I'm in love with a woman that I have known since we were kids. We're both almost 60, and we are in a long-distance relationship. She has opened up to me that she was sexually abused as a young teenager, by her grandfather. She has also revealed much of her sexual past to me, and as much as I try to be understanding, it bothers me. She claims she wasn't promiscuous, though she can't even remember an exact number of her past partners, and can only guess using a range of numbers. She was a teenage Mom (not the grandfather), and was in and out of relationships (no pun intended!) for her whole life. Many of them were much older men and being flings, and none have been the same age or younger, except for one that was much younger than her when she was in her 40's. I personally know 3 of the men, one of which was more than double her age which she was in her early 20's. She has gone from one man to another and back to a previous man several times in her past. I know she has had a rough life, she never had a father in her life, her grandfather raped her and her mother abandoned her all alone in a strange town. She was also in an early abusive marriage, a 2nd "in it for stability" non-loving marriage and a 3rd marriage where she was physically and sexually abused and raped by her husband on many occasions. So I know her life has been a living hell. She deals with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder, and has attempted suicide on at least 2 occasions. I had a good family, which I am grateful for, but it makes relating to her past even more difficult. I haven't had many relationships, which also compounds my feelings of inadequacy. Even as I read what I am typing, I feel like a heel. I have self-diagnosed myself with having Retroactive Jealousy, all the symptoms are there. I expressed some shock and frustration to her about her sexual past and now it's a sore subject to try to discuss. I don't want those jealous feelings, and I want to give her the love she deserves. She's a wonderful woman, even though she has been in many terrible situations. My questions are:
1. Is it safe to assume that much of her sexual past (on many different levels...abuse, older men, seeking acceptance and confusing sex as love) was the result of her having been sexually abused as a child?
2. How can I get help for my jealousy? I know in order to be the man she deserves, I have to fix myself.
3. How can I help her deal with things that still bother her about her past? How do I rebuild the trust that I destroyed?
I appreciate any help you can give us.

February, 1 2022 at 10:32 pm

Hi RJ! Please let me know if you were able to get past this and be the man she needs? I am currently going through this as I have a similar situation.. I've been molested by my brother growing up and lost my virginity by a painful rape and have been assaulted several times.. this led me to be very promiscuous in my teens and very early 20's. I've lost my fiancé recently because he knew too much and my past was effecting him in such a bad way. He thought my promiscuity was my own choice and doing when I don't think he understood or will understand what led up to it, he just see the actions and is disgusted with me. I've been with guys that he knows and he even found out the lowest thing I could have possibly done.. I sold myself once to an old white guy. This was all before we got engaged and now its ruined our relationship. All I needed was his support and love to get through this difficult time.
You can help by just listening to help reassure her that she is loved and you're not judging her stay by her side and be patient

Harry Velasquez
November, 23 2021 at 7:36 am

I met my partner in college. During those years she was very confident and strong willed which I loved. Things broke don’t when i didn’t listen to her silent outcries for attention and then her behaviors which whispers before began to emerge. She shared the violent child rape at 12 only to be followed by an additional rape by the man she trusted with her violent sexual assault. This second attack lasted for some time and when she told me She described him as a boyfriend. There was her friend Steven who was also aware of the first attack but vague on whether he knew of the second but it appeared he was a vital character and had a further role to play in things to come.
However, moving forward, I was used to her being solidly grounded for a young woman. I think though this is what lead to cheating. I of course didn’t make it better because I didn’t believe the connection between cheating and victimization. She eventually told me more but my vision was skewed. I was locked on intent not symptom and my response made it no better. Somehow we got through it but not past it. However, since, we had a lovely and precious daughter though there have been abortions as well. Again, I accept not giving her the support she needed.
Recently, she cheated with a man whom she new as a child, likely the only one who believed her prompt outcries at the time - steven. She went to him seven months in confidence to express the stress and pressure she still endures. But even in her crisis state he engaged in a sexual affair with my partner. She admitted to me what continues to happen and said there are feelings for him involved. He was aware of me and our daughter.
In other times I would have been infuriated but I saw a pattern finally giving credence to past discussions about her promiscuity. All the men she was intimate with “using the term loosely” have this one thing in common - she shared her vulnerability wether the victimization or related stressors.
I couldn’t believe the revelation but I’m in a limbo. She has opened up after all these years. I believed she was maliciously planning it all now as in the passed. But I can’t just discard our relationship as I now understand more about her behavior. But I don’t know what’s next shy of counseling which did some good during our pregnancy but she failed to return. It was like she didn’t want to return. She immerses in her career as a special Ed teacher to the point of extreme exhaustion and it has taken a toll on our relationship since our daughter’s birth.
I am confused. I understand more because of the behavioral connections I’ve made but I don’t know where to turn. I want to save my family and I’m ready to accept all of it but I fear I am late. She says she want counseling but it reintroduction is a second priority sadly. And if I talk about it I feel it’s not well received. I believe I am at great fault here because I know I failed her for not making the connection sooner. I just love her dearly and want her to grow. Outwardly she is the perfect person until you peel the layers and see the hurt and the pain she endures.
I wanted her to report her attackers but she is reluctant as I think she protects them as with all her past lovers who entered her life under the guise of being a “listener”. Am I wrong with my interpretation of all this or am I just exhibiting hurt as well? What should I do to help my partner? How may I keep our daughter from feeling any of this? She feels something, that much is certain coupled with my partner’s incentive treatment of her at times. I have curved the usual Hispanic reaction to child misbehavior ( my partners childhood family household was more than typical for the time in child rearing). My partner rushes her and has expectations that seem off. I intervene many times and don’t believe they are the whims of an over protective father but this has become more common in recent years. Yet another concern I have.
Please give me direction. H.

November, 15 2021 at 11:00 pm

My wife is a survivor of CSA from the age of 8-9 years old. As a teenager was very active sexualy. We married at a young age and two years into marriage had an affair. 4 years later we had a child and all of her memories of the abuse came out. Two weeks later she told me of the affair. It was too much to handle so I held all my thoughts and emotions in and worked to help her and her abuse issues out. We are still together 30 years later but recently my issues with the affair have reared their ugly head and I'm now trying to understand the whole affair and why it happened. It's been a lot of research and souk searching. I've forgiven her of the act but have never been able to forget what happened but also want to be sensitive to her abuse and feelings that are all connected. She is very open to questions because with counseling she has been able to live with it and implement plans to deal with it. How do we get past all of this without harming her recovery but healing my memories of the affair?

November, 9 2023 at 10:02 pm

Fazendo psicoterapia. Todas as suas questões emocionais podem ser trabalhadas com um bom psicólogo.

October, 31 2021 at 3:24 am

Nonsensical psychology. If you go with the notion that "abuse" causes promiscuity you are very lost. It fascinates me how when a woman, child, or LGBT person is involved its never their fault. Promiscuity is NOT caused by external factors because it is a very internal behavior. In fact promiscuity is not sexual, promiscuity is a need for other people. Children whose parents neglect will desire being wit those said parents, but if it is continually difficult, they seek the same from other members of the same family, if that's difficult they totally rebel from the family to seek the same from strangers. I know this because it happened to me. A girl seduced me then a few years later she told everyone i abused her. On the night that it happened we were sleeping in the same room with no one else. She asked me to get on the bed(i was sleeping on the floor). I didn't know she wanted sex. She spooned me, then went outside as if she is going to bathroom, but she had gone there to remove her clothes. She came back to bed and when i realized she had removed her clothes that's when we had sex because i was sure that's what she wanted. She is the one that came on to me and made sure that we have sex, but how could she accuse me years later?
I realize now that sex is a way to use another person to get what your own parents could not give. Sexual promiscuity happens when now that the people you are relating to are not your parents, being very close to them invokes sexual feelings, or a desire to "mate". A promiscuous person will get that from you, but because it is a need for them, she will not want to give anything to you. That is where the difference comes in, this is where they accuse you of abuse so that they keep what they got from, and the ensuing weakness you get from such an accusation, they will use that to accuse you of many other things bad things that happened in their lives that you had no input over and had no knowledge of.
Promiscuity is a need for ones parents, it is a vacuum that has to be filled, but if it filled by a stranger, the stranger does not have parental feelings t protect him when sexual feelings well up. This is why people who get raped or such, tend to experience the same thing again and again. To show that this is an issue of parental neglect, where are the parents when the child is being molested? I have seen promiscuity and i know it exists before puberty, before abuse, i mean what about those promiscuous teenagers who have never been abused? You said it right in the beginning, it is illogical. Where then do you turn around and find reasons to support it? If anybody wants this to be understood, go with the logic, not emotional support for people whose circumstance you do not understand. And i find it odd that when a promiscuous girl grows up to tell one that they have a need to be with men, why would that not say, thats how she has been and that's what caused the "sexual abuse" because she wanted those men to do that to her? So don't tell me abuse causes promiscuity because i have seen abuse and i can tell you these "victims" are the abusers and they are more abusive than you can ever imagine.

July, 24 2023 at 6:53 pm

Wow. Well, first I am sorry that you were falsely accused.
That is maybe one of the things that CSA does, make the victim want to hurt others in that way.
I do think though that for you to give a blanket statement such as this judgment and say these children wanted it is simply sick. I never wanted it. I was ashamed and afraid and confused. I tried to avoid my abuser but wasn't always successful as I was left alone with him many times, which he always took advantage of.
I never told anyone until I was 43, I told my boyfriend after my divorce. He accused me of liking it, like you are doing. He was also extremely verbally, sexually, and physically abusive.
I've healed now after 6 years away from him, but then I read an ignorant comment like yours and it all comes back.
You need help. Seriously.

June, 23 2021 at 1:25 am

I believe this is confirmation of what my soon-to-ex-wife is going through. We dated for 3 years and were living married together for almost 5 when she left me for co-workers she'd hadn't even known 3 months. I never wanted a divorce and still don't. But, it's been almost 4 years now and she's had a string of relationships since then, moved to another state for one, and then moved back for another. Then she ended up moving back to our hometown in a place her father fixed up for her and her newborn. The baby daddy is from a neighboring state and not involved (which apparently how she wants it).
I still get confused and well up with tears & questions when I try to make sense of it all. Not a month before she left we were discussing buying a 2nd car, getting a place to call our own, and to finally start our own family for which we already had names for. Little notes and messages of affection were around, too. Then one day before work, she didn't want me to drive her and instead opted for the bus (over an hour ride as apposed to <15 minutes). Odd, I thought. Then, on her way to work, I get the text that pulled the rug from underneath me. She no longer wanted to be married. It hit me hard and I struggled terribly. Fell into a deep depression which led to losing an extremely promising career and drug addiction. I do not blame her for either. I'm almost out of it now and doing somewhat better. We've seen each other twice since she left. Almost 2 years after the first time I saw her, she wanted to see me in person. She was pregnant. I knew it before we even met up as we always seemed to be on the same frequency. Her adopted mother even said before we were married that it was "uncanny how well we got each other." It was true. We even had our own vocabulary to convey things to each other in public as well as in private. One such term, 'soulfly', came out of a desire to not need to say, "That's exactly what I was thinking!" We said it often. Parting for the day had its own ritual of back & forth phrases that to anybody else would seem childish if not plain gibberish.
We liked messing with people, too. Once we were having one of our game nights and a newly made friend, who was diabetic, needed to take an insulin shot in the kitchen. In a loud (but not yelling) voice I asked her from the kitchen to the livingroom, "You ok if Ben shoots up in the kitchen?" Without missing a beat & already knowing what I was doing, she replied, "Sure! Not a problem." After the guests quietly looked at each other in wide-eyed disbelief that we could possibly be letting someone use drugs openly, we both busted up into laughter.
Our first time seeing each other after she left was at a particular convection which we had volunteered at for the previous 5 years together. I was a few hours away living with some family with no job and no money. She had worked up to be 2nd in command over the entire convention (I would have been a department lead if I knew I was going to make it) and hit me up asking if I was coming. I told her I couldn't afford the gas. After a while she texted me saying she had found a room for me to stay and would pay for the gas & food while I was there. Thinking this was a chance at reconsoliation, I happily showed up. We even got intimate at one point. However, the worst thing happened: I was on medication I had not been told amplifies the effects of alcohol. At the dance of the final night, I decided to have 2 drinks. I blacked out. The next day she was furious and I was extremely embarrassed. I left for home early with my tail between my legs feeling as though I blew my chance. The following day she changed her name on Facebook. We'd been apart for a few months and that's when she decided to change her name. It's also the only time I've been drunk since she left.
I hope it's not just me, but it seemed like she still cared. We've almost been apart as long as we were married and I still think about her everyday. Course, a little distance HAS given me the clarity of mind to see the red flags going back to our dating years. But, even then, the issues had been addressed and gotten past as far as I was concerned. I dunno.
One big flag was the fact she's never sought or had any kind of counseling or therapy for her past. She didn't even want pre-marital counseling which, looking back, I should have not let go of so easily.
If anyone has ever had something like this happen, here's some advice I've gotten along the way from other people with traumatic backgrounds: it's not your fault and you cannot fight those battles for them. They cannot be forced to do anything regarding their trauma and to be frank, it's none of your business. It's their fight and their decision to seek help and must come from within themselves. It cannot be forced and do not attempt to (I didn't just to be clear). Encourage and support them, but do not tell them they need therapy or anything like it. Ask if there's anything you can do and listen. If they don't have anything for you, don't bring it up again. It's tender, volitile baggage that does not involve you. Just be a loving person and carry on as normal as you can. They may still sabotoge the relationship and believe me when I say I know what it's like to not have anything to do about it. Hurt people hurt people whether knowingly, on purpose, or not. Stay strong and try to remain as stable as you can. Knowing they can rely on you goes father than you may ever know even if the relationship ends.

May, 26 2021 at 5:22 pm

I was sexually abused the first time when I was 6 going on 7... by a 14/15 year old... by 10 i was telling sex stories during library hour and reading rape scenes from Clan of the Cave Bear to my classmates in a hidden corner. I was afraid to touch a guy again til 17...then at 19 my 2nd bf was abusive.. more physically. but also sexually.. i got rid of him.. literally paid him to go to Florida and moved and changed my number (it was private until 2 years ago when i found out he is dead)... my professor at school was hitting on me and grabbing me at the time and parents thought I shouldn't be a music major. they cut off funding so i became an exotic dancer... at this point only 2 BFs ever... and couldn't really date.. til around the end... then i got roofied while waiting for a gf who was late at a bar and passed around at a party... . that's when i went crazy... from 3 at 22 to over 80 by 26... married for a few years and then divorced by 30... over the next 4 years there had to be at least 50...married again... have a kid... divorced again after 3 years.... i love my kid... i still like hurting myself... i also fantasize about rape... now its almost intoxicating.. ive set up my own rapes... hotel rooms what not.. since then... i like to fight back.. i never got to when it really happened... i didn't know better at age 6, and when i was 22 (and again at 33) I was roofied.... i COULDN'T fight back.. so now the biggest sexual high i can get is to play "home invasion" if a guy can't hit me (in the bedroom) i can't date them.... i need abuse to enjoy sex sometimes... if i don't get it after a while... i go crazy...

March, 24 2021 at 4:33 pm

I am 47. I became promiscous after being raped when I was 13. It carried on for many years and I stopped counting at 100 boys. I hated myself. At age 29 I married an abuser and I endured because I believe that is what I deserved. I finally divorced him, the marriage made me asexual and frigid but I loved it because I felt healed and whole. I vowed never to be in a relationship again and to definitely never ever have sex again. I can handle a lot of things but not self loathing. Now I am with a man whom I love and who loves me and I am proud to say that I have no problem with being faithful. We’re having amazing sex, it is beautiful and sacred but I havent dealt with the past, I need to accept, forgive, and embrace the person I used to be. I thought that promiscous people didn’t deserve to heal. Reading this article and all of your stories is really helping me. Thank you so much for sharing.

June, 2 2021 at 9:51 am

Hi Chris, I am Hailey (nom de plume for security). I am 52 and when I was in H.S. I was raped by over 20 boys on one night. The girls made fun of me; these people were supposed to be my friends. I don’t remember anything from the entire night, so I didn’t even know what they were making fun of me for. It wasn’t until 3 years ago that one of those boys apologized and told me what happened that night. Through my 20’s and early 30’s I was promiscuous, hooking up with any cute guy (some un-cute) that I would meet while out at the bar. I never wanted to get into a close relationship, but for some reason was crushed when we would break up after a couple of months. I would blame myself for some imaginary thing that I had done, or my personality, or something about ME - never HIM. I finally married my first husband at 33. It was great until he went off to war. When he returned, things were different, and we divorced. I met my second husband who I later found out was a raging alcoholic and an abuser. He began sexually abusing me a year into our marriage. After we moved, and he retired from the military things got worse. It was after I ended up in the hospital that I filed for divorce that I ended up in that “asexual” point you described. I don’t think I want to get out of that point. I feel like I am done. I am really sick, and don’t feel like anyone would want me anyway. I screwed up my face by picking at it and causing horrible scarring because of self-esteem issues. The only thing I have going for me anymore is my hair. LOL. A once vibrant, pretty, energetic girl has been reduced to me. I feel defeated.

January, 13 2021 at 7:38 pm

Im molested at the age of 4, 9, 12 by family member, uncle, and people my parents trusted (FRIENDS) and last my biological father, i dont have courage to tell the whole details ..its dicusting, it runs to my whole family, mom and dad side.(rape, molested) when i was 8 i started to have a sexual desire and i masturbate.. I dont like men staring at me, or just accidentally beside me like (public transportation or public places) it sounds over reacting but its true... im now married got 3 kids im discusted on how my husband wants me to fulfill his sexual desire...when he is touching me i feel like he is reminding me my darkest past.... I just endured it and he mocked me that we got 3 kids already and i should not react the way i reacted ... i want to save my marriage but I dont know how long will I endure this...BTW Id rather satisfied myself than doing it with anyone..

March, 3 2021 at 7:50 pm

My ex girlfriend was sexually abused by her stepdad from 10-14 years old. I'm the only person that she says she has told. I noticed that she always tried to be what I wanted her to be instead of herself. I divorced after my ex wife cheated on me so I'm sensitive to signs of dishonesty. I never assumed that she was cheating, but after reading this, and her having sex with me on the first date, I felt she might be addicted. I noticed that a man messaged her what seemed like a reply to her message on Facebook. I voiced my concern in a very calm manner (her ex was a cheater and abusive) and her response was to remove all male friends on Facebook. Recently I discovered that during that time they liked each other's profile picture. My spidey sense really kicked in. When I would catch her lying to me, she wouldn't defend herself or deny it, she would just say she was a terrible person and that I deserved better. I really want to know if she is a sex addict. She started therapy and I still want to help her.

A. Nonymus
October, 28 2020 at 2:38 pm

I'm not on here to discuss my story with anyone. I'm reading a self help bulk and in it I read that "[promiscuity] may be due to sexual abuse beginning at a later age, or other factors." Well, it's definitely not due to the first option then WHICH factors determine indicate whether a person will be sexually avoidant or promiscuous? If nobody on here knows then does anybody know who might know??

October, 26 2020 at 4:16 am

Thank you for sharing this information. I'm just learning to heal in the way you have and knowing I'm not alone and ill be understood is of huge significance.

Not For Disclosure
March, 22 2019 at 11:19 am

Where do I start?
I was born and bread in a tiny rural village of very caring parents but we were pretty poor but in no way neglected. I used to play out with other kids and one particular boy who was 8 years older than me who went to a private boarding school and so would only be home at school holidays and the odd weekends.
He was keen athlete and I was thus very impressed with this and he started to teach me better techniques for running, jumping etc. He told me one weekend that it always improved his performance if he got rid of his "spunk" and asked if I would help him. I had no idea what it involved so I said yes; I was only 8 years old.
We walked across the fields to the banks of a local stream, and he took out his cock and asked me to start playing with and stroking it and that's where it all started. He was 8 years older than me and a fit and healthy 16 year old and I was very impressed with his cock; it was ofcourse much bigger then mine; a fact that i realised later would have massive effects on my self image etc.
It felt very exciting to me as my sexuality was starting to develop and I learnt to masturbate at a very young age way before I could ejaculate. I told no one of our secret although I can't recall any threats being exerted on me not to tell. I think I realised that it was very naughty and so I would not tell.
This carried on for nearly 2 years off and on during school holidays, etc, and each time we would repeat the process on most days when he was at home. Because he was much taller than me I virtually was looking straight down at his big cock in front of me and so when he suggested that I put it in my mouth I did just that very slowly to start with just kissing his glans, but then as he forced/encouraged me more I gradually I learnt to put it inside my mouth and ofcourse he would ejaculate in my mouth.
That was when the absolute shame started to overwhelm me; I was a boy who sucked another boy's cock, and my personality changed dramatically and I became that very shy and introverted young boy and full of shame at my body etc.
He asked me once when we were alone in his Mum and Dad's house (He was a local JP) if he could insert his cock up my anus; I refused as I thought that it would be way to painful but it was then that he told me that senior boys at his school would regularly get junior boys to do that for them. Still I resisted and it never too place. I often wonder what happened to those abused young boys and how enshrined in the school was that behaviour.
I put all of this to the back of my mind, and it is only recently that I have told anybody about it and ofcourse I now realise how it has shaped so much of my personality and my lifestyle.
Low self worth, very poor body image, I wouldn't dare make any sexual advances with any girl or woman until I was about 21 because of the size issue and it was only later that a girl that I met on holiday in Spain told me that I was spoiling her for other men did I realised that I really didn't have an issue.
I have no idea whether my early sexualisation impacted me or not but I have always since then been a lover of sex and I still am and am in a very loving and sexually active relationship. I really have allowed it to dominate much of my life and have soured many friendships by behaving inappropriately, and I still do more's the pity. I have however never ever abused any other person and have always been very conscious of not passing the abuse down the chain.
Strangely though I seem to have developed very caring and close relationships with women who have been abused or raped at critical young ages and I have always been a supportive and caring friend in their lives, and draw a huge amount of pride in that.
I still much prefer the company of women to men and as such have very very few male friends.
Not surprisingly I have a massive hatred of the private education system and know that wholesale abuse is the order of the day in so many such establishments but ofcourse never reported.

March, 9 2020 at 4:17 am

my heart gos out to you as well as my deepest respect.i to was abusesed sexually so I understand what you endured.i want you to know you are brave and I encourage you to keep sharing you story.there are many people in the world especially today who suffer in silence.wich you an I know is very detremental to our emotionaly an mental well you sharing your sexual abuse you know longer remain a victim but a motivated me to seek further councling for something I thought wasn't a problem anymore.but it is it has impacted personal relationships not to mention the relationship with myself. you are my hero an I thank you.i also want you to know that Jesus loves you very much I don't know what your personal beliefs are But ill share mine.God is amazing anHe has a way of divine intervention.this wasn't by accident I found yor Jerimiah 29;11 saysfor I know the plans I have for you plans for a future and hope Amen.i pray for your complete healing and that the lord give you all the desires of your heart.when you were a child the devil silenced you but little boys grow up an you are a you use that respected voice for God an its your turn to shut the devil up.i pray no weapon formed against you shall prosper in Jesus name.i pray GOD use you to help encourage an impact nations.use all satan did to try to destroy you for God may Gods warring angels be sent out to prtct you right now to guide you an minister to you.may his will be done in your life.and I thank God in advance for all these things ive asked.also remember forgivness is the key .that young man who hurt you was also hurting hurting people hurt others maybe God can use you to guide him to healing.god bless you you made my nite

April, 21 2022 at 9:46 pm

Sara ,you also are very bold and well learned in “The Word of God”’in that God Almighty is sovereign in all thing’s for He alone ln Christ Jesus” create all thing’s according to His good pleasure,and yes, created to glorify Him!;for our good…for the wisdom of the world is foolishness to God,and if that is not true,how then is it that we are now in “The information age… .”so much knowledge!,yet morally bankrupt!,that no one seem’s to know there left hand from their right,that some can say it may be right for you,but not right to me,as a nation we have gone way off our course,if we can not see the evil prevailing in our society,and call it good?.. .God will judge each one and unless we repent and turn our hearts back to God! and seek His Righteousness!ln Jesus The Christ! whom He has made both Lord and Saviour!we have no hope!,for is not mocked!,by those who repay good w/Evil… .if any of you,who would think for a split second that you can cause so much harm to a little one made in the image of God!,and escape judgment!Be sure your sin will find you out … .and so many little girl’s!… . as it is written it would be better if you had not been born,moreover having a millstone tied around your neck and be tossed into the river would be a better thing than you fall into “The Hand’s of an angry GOD!,Yes God is good and love’s righteousness but abhore’s evildoer’s.. .”Blessed Be His Holy Name! “for Christ Namesake!” Amen,amen

March, 9 2019 at 12:08 am

I continue to abuse my body at age 45. Jumping from abuse to abuse, lying, cheating, never being my true self. I binge eat. I'm now over 300lb and still climbing. I attract men without trying even bow. But each one will just continue to abuse. Ice distant my family as each one hurt me
My husband of 26 years demanded me to do things to my body and was attracted to something I could never be. My eldest son hates me as he learned of my sexual activities. I feel alone and like there is no way out for me. I've got a new partner but worry about how much I felt on him. I'm scared to be left alone. If I am, I eat. But at least it's not men now. Although that's only been 6 months. I had 17 men in one year. Being so bad that at one point I had one man on the sofa whilst another was waiting in my bed. I know I need help. I'm on a waiting list for my food issues but that's group therapy. I know I'll struggle. I would often feel it would be easier to just sleep and not wake up. I'm on tablets for that. I don't think I'll ever heal

March, 9 2020 at 4:36 am

anita I want to tell you you are beautiful creation of Christ.i understand all your going thru because ive been still in the process of healing.just know that you desrve to be loved for you sounds like a problem I had I was afraid to be alone because I had been sexually abused numerous times I thought if a man wasn't touching me sexually I wasn't attractive because my granpa who I called dad use to touch me an I thought that's love I was molested at3 by a uncle at age 4 I was molested by a woman who did child pornogophy an then my grandmas husband then her boyfriend,i use to binge eat an I was over wheight as a child I suffered in silence .im 40 years old an barley working thru my past I to was aliar cheater but also as a child I was taught these an uncle who had many woman so I learned at as young as9 years old.tragicly people don't realize the impact there wrong teaching have on a child but in fact they didn't know it was wrong themselves.thats why people like you an I Anita have to break that you do this is this cut all your men losse

March, 24 2021 at 4:53 pm

Anita, you are so brave to share your story and I want to thank you because by sharing, you are helping me. I am healing so please know that it is possible! My love goes out to you. You deserve to experience what it feels like to love yourself, I wish with all my heart that it you get there.

March, 1 2019 at 9:55 pm

I was sexually abused by my father when I was young and then at critical times of growth after that. I have trouble forming relationships, am very much alone with no friends or children. I have withdrawn from almost everything except my job. I live in fear and paranoia and having trouble finding help. Beginning to feel that the daily struggle is pointless and a total failure. Any help would be appreciated.

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