Has Your Relationship Been Hurt By A Cyberaffair?


Infidelity Online:

An Effective Guide to Rebuild your Relationship After a Cyberaffair.

This exclusive informational step-by-step guide and interactive workbook is specially designed to help you and your partner rebuild your relationship after a cyberaffair. The guide provides you with proven techniques to help save your relationship from virtual adultery. This invaluable book is not available in stores - so by ordering now, you will learn:Caught in the Net, the first and only recovery book on Internet addiction to help rebuild your relationship

  • The Seven Warning Signs of a Cyberaffair
  • Five Common Reactions to Virtual Adultery
  • Four Steps to Avoid Being an Enabler
  • How to Communicate with your Partner
  • How to Repair the Broken Trust
  • How to Rekindle the Love and Passion
  • How to Seek Marriage Counseling - This section is especially important if your partner is reluctant to enter therapy.
  • How to Deal with Cybersexual Addiction

If your marriage or relationship has been damaged by a cyberaffair then read Caught in the Net to find the help you need. This book outlines the trauma of being a cyberwidow and shows you proven strategies on how to communicate with your partner to save your relationship.

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