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Our Virtual Clinic provides direct and affordable on-line or telephone counseling. From the privacy and comfort of your home, office, or school, you can receive compassionate, knowledgeable, and high quality service that you can trust.

Dr. Kimberly Young is personally available to provide confidential advice on how to deal with addiction, relationship, anxiety, abuse, and other mental health issues.

A Personal Message from Dr. Young:

Our Virtual Clinic provides Crisis Intervention, Education, and Individual Counseling. I am a clinical psychologist and have worked with hundreds of clients in a variety of medical settings including Strong Memorial Hospital, University of Pittsburgh Medical School, WPIC, and the Cleveland VA Medical Center. In March of 1997, I established the first Virtual Clinic for Internet addiction issues and general mental health problems. While I initially started the clinic to work with individuals and families dealing with cyber-related problems (e.g., cyberaffairs, pornography addiction, on-line time management), I also counsel those who suffer from relationship problems, anxiety, depression, social phobia, compulsive sexual behavior, problem eating, and much more. Because knowledgeable and high quality resources are often limited and expensive, I created this service to meet your healthcare needs.

More information about our online and telephone counseling services is here.

Hours are by appointment with evening and weekend options available, typically within 24 hours of your initial contact.

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