Are You Addicted to Cybersex?

Are you constantly chatting up sexual partners online, engaged in erotic chat, or involved in cybersex? Take our cybersex addiction test. Answer "yes" or "no" to the following statements

  1. Do you routinely spend significant amounts of time in chat rooms and private messaging with the sole purpose of finding cybersex?
  2. Do you feel preoccupied with using the Internet to find online sexual partners?
  3. Do you frequently use anonymous communication to engage in sexual fantasies not typically carried out in real-life?
  4. Do you anticipate your next on-line session with the expectation that you will find sexual arousal or gratification?
  5. Do you find that you frequently move from cybersex to phone sex (or even real-life meetings)?
  6. Do you hide your on-line interactions from your significant other?
  7. Do you feel guilt or shame from your on-line use?
  8. Did you accidentally become aroused by cybersex at first, and now find that you actively seek it out when you log on-line?
  9. Do you masturbate while online while engaged in erotic chat?
  10. Do you provide less investment with your real-life sexual partner only to prefer cybersex as a primary form of sexual gratification?

Caught in the Net, the first and only recovery book on Internet addiction to help rebuild your relationshipIf you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, you may be addicted to cybersex. With the availability of adult web sites and chat rooms, more and more people like yourself have come to realize their initial curiosity has turned into an addiction.

Why wait until it is too late to seek out help? Find out more about cybersexual addiction and contact our Virtual Clinic today to receive fast, caring, and confidential advice on how to deal with your addiction. Our Virtual Clinic is also designed to help family members, such as a spouse or parent, to deal with the addicted loved one in your home. Professional help is available directly with Dr. Kimberly Young, Founder and President of the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery.

And read Caught in the Net, the first recovery book for Cybersexual Addiction. The book provides effective tools that help couples communicate and rebuild their relationship after a cyberaffair. Click here to order Caught in the Net

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