What Do Children Need?


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Dear Kristen,

A few weeks ago, we were sitting in the living room. You were playing with Jacob and I was working on a report. I looked up at you and realized that we had hardly said two words to one another for hours. I asked you, "Krissie, what do you think you need to have a happy childhood?" You looked puzzled for a moment and then asked, "Do you mean, what do I need to be the happiest kid in town?" I smiled and replied, "Yea, honey, that's it. What do you need?" You hesitated for a minute and then replied, "You, mom. I just need you." How those words touched me, flooded me with feeling. They reminded me of the tremendous responsibility parenting carries. At the same time, I am graced with the knowledge of how very significant I am in this vast world, in the eyes of a small child. Thank you sweetheart.

Love, Mom

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