The Book (Part 3)

Oh Mind; Patience, Control, Discipline and Duty, are members of the same family, and they are truly eager for you to be adopted as their very own. If you were to pledge a commitment to leading a life by their example, they would surely give you an honored place at their table. The fruits of this family are many and a banquet awaits you born of their prosperous lifestyle.

Oh dear one, to you I will sing...

Wait in Peace, I'm coming soon.

Wait in Love, my gifts you'll know.

Wait in Hope, and don't let go.

Wait in Peace, wait in Peace for me.

I see you trying, so very hard.

I see the Love deep within your Heart.

I know your Patience, is from your Love.

Believe I'm always with you.

Wait in Peace, I'm coming soon.

Wait in Love, my gifts you'll know.

Wait in Hope, and don't let go.

Wait in Peace, wait in Peace for me.

Do not forget me, I'm here for you.

Just ask me gently, and stand by me.

I can move mountains, and peoples Hearts.

To help you live, once again.

Wait in Peace, I'm coming soon.

Wait in Love, my gifts you'll know.

Wait in Hope, and don't let go.

Wait in Peace, wait in Peace for me.

Be kind to yourself, be gentle, be quiet. Stand firm amidst the stormy winds yet bend with them that they may not break you. See how there is more strength in the supple and the green than in the hardened and the dried. I am the Flower of Consciousness. I am the Eternal Bloom...

I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... let me speak to you of "Pride and the sense of Separateness".

If it is Life that you seek, if it is the Truth of Life that you seek, if it is the Glory of Life that you seek, then you must become pure. You must become whole. So subtle are the things that can mask the brilliant nature of the True Self. So often the outcomes of decided actions shall be deemed trivial, paltry or inconsequential. Without a second thought, numerous actions are chosen and the desires that influence expertly conceal the thought of many outcomes in a disguise of insignificance. But know that every thought and action has a consequence. Some consequences are actively sought after, some are masterfully denied.

Oh Heart... how does one become totally free of consequences?... neither denying them or seeking them.

A mighty wave is still part of the Ocean, yet it has been given a sense of separate identity. No one ever says, "Look at the Ocean rising". Clearly the wave is just an attribute of the Ocean in action prompted by winds, currents, and tides. The Ocean is responding to the influences of its surroundings. (Nature). It is doing it's duty. It does not say, "Look at me, I have become a great wave" or "I will be the mightiest of waves".

Consider ripples also. They do not say, "See how gentle and serene a ripple am I". or "What beauty and tranquility I am able to impart". Oh Mind, it is the same for you within your surroundings. When the course of natural events brings you to do a good thing, a noble thing, or a great thing, do not lose your sense of identity as being separate from the task. Become the task. Let it come alive through you and allow yourself and the task to remain pure and untainted from any sense of Pride. Perform all your daily actions without Pride.

Do not see yourself as a "Mighty Wave" or even as "Gentle and Soothing Ripples". The wave that sees itself as Mighty must also see it's demise. But the wave that sees itself as the Ocean performing the duty of a wave will continue unperturbed to be reborn in a new form with new strength. By never losing it's sense of identity, it remains whole. It remains at one with itself. So it must be with you. Seek not the ways that cultivate separateness. Become unified. Rather than see yourself as a doer of actions, see yourself as the Ocean does... as Nature in motion responding to the elements within your life. Be hurled by fierce winds. Be Still and reflect a glittering Sun, but retain the sense of unity the way that Nature as "the Whole" does.

Remember, your life is Nature playing the role as the sum total of cause and effect, and you are part of the total, part of the cause, and part of the effect. Oh Mind, it is so important that you abandon this sense of separateness within all aspects of your life. Keep in mind that no task is lesser or greater than the other. They are all equal since they are of the Whole. As they are born of the Whole, the Whole remains complete, and when they finally dissolve, the Whole shall remain intact.

This dynamic action of life maintains evenness and balance amid constant change. During a storm, the Ocean only changes it appearance. After a storm, it is intact... nothing has changed. A storm is just a storm. It is neither good or bad. Only thinking born of duality and separateness will see it as anything different. See also how calm waters can leave a ship idle and aimless. To sailors of long ago, such conditions would fill them with fear and concern. Yet to others, the exact same condition could mean a chance for some peaceful recreation. Therefore, stillness, like a storm is neither good or bad. They are simply of one quality. They are only different manifestations of the Whole.

Oh Mind... it is difficult to be as pure in resolve as the Ocean, so be watchful for the subtle traps of Pride that nurture separateness. The presence of Pride will always wash over, or even abandon the Truth that the Heart would impart. This is because actions motivated from Pride can bring praise and an egotistical luster to the perception of yourself in the eyes of others. To obtain such false support of yourself in this way, is yet another illusion of duality which maintains ignorance of the true strength and support that can be found within.

Oh Mind, you are an Ocean that can manifest Waves or Ripples as the circumstances direct. Remain whole.. remain pure. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Oh Mind... though I talk of abandoning the sense of separateness, I can only bring you to this thinking through the ways that cultivate separateness.

The sense of "You", and The sense of "I" that I talk in, may begin to cause a conflict within you. Although you hear me talking of how we are really one, and you are the attentive listener to the ways of my Love, the illusion of apparent individuality is the Truth of Universality.

Because of language, it is said...

"We are." "They are." "You are."

"I am the Husband."... "I am the Wife." "I am the Mother." ... "I am the Child."

"I am the Worker." ... "I am the Student."

Thus, the infinite expanse of inner consciousness becomes constricted through the finite or limited means of speech. This constant use of the finite form of expression, encourages the sense of separateness and duality among the embodied beings.

Oh Heart... how is this so?

Since the substance of the Inner Truth can never be appreciated by the use of mere words, the totality of the experience within can only be conveyed partially. When someone hears of another's Truth, they will only ever come to understand a fragment of it. Separation is then born from the link of Love being incomplete. Although the infinite is always the source of Feelings, Love and Inner Truth, the tools of expression, (that is... the Mind, as well as the body being empowered by the Mind), will bring about an identification to the impermanent and finite. This is then falsely perceived as the reality of permanence and truth.

The experience of the one loses its potency through the translation into speech, and the Mind amid its misperceptions and confusion from unknowing and fears, is distracted away from the Truth of the Inner Self. Considering that the Mind is the means to perceptions and realizations, never does it come to realize that the power which moves the Mind into the expression of Love, talent or speech, is that which it has constantly been seeking for so long... hence, this ongoing search for lasting and true contentment.

This is why in easy times, the undisciplined mind will not make any progress in either worldly or Spiritual matters. Upon finding a peace that allows it to rest, the Mind shall not consider anything else to purposely bring about change. However things do change, and since change is forced upon people, there is always work to be done. The world will call out for your attention, and as long as you walk this earth, I too shall call for your attention. As such, easy times are essentially times of deserved rest, but they must never be considered permanent.

But Heart... what are you saying? Do you mean that I can never find the rest I seek?

Oh Mind, this very question is tainted with the fear and uncertainty born out of desires. Have you not been listening to any of my words to you? Forget the notion that the purpose of life is sleep. Drop your desires. Renounce that which does not belong to the moment. The opposites reside in this world, and by the laws of nature you are bound to experience them. Within these conditions, the only way to remain stable is to keep remembering that they are all of equal quality.

Desires shall then be the separating influence to destroy your discrimination. The Mind being the Active instrument of expression sees itself alone as the conscious power within the body, and from it's busy-ness and hurried ways, the Soulful Silence, (which never has the need of asserting it's majesty), is blindly overlooked. The Eye being the means to vision, can only ever have a vision of itself in a mirror. Only then can it's characteristics and nature become evident. Likewise, if the Mind is to truly know itself, it must reflect itself in infinite stillness. Such a mirror is the Living Inner Silence... the perfect Lake of Bliss... the serene tranquility of God. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... let me speak to you of "The Moment". The Joy of living resides in the Moment. This Moment... this blessed eternal event is all that is real. Your Truth is born of the Moment. What is the past?... What is the future?... Are you alive in either of them? Are they not just concepts?... Has not the past subsided into Mind dust?... Has not the Mind created a future out of its own anticipations? Is not the fabric of time an illusion then?

If all awareness consciousness were suddenly to extinguish itself and leave the World freely floating, what memories would then remain? What would remain to conceive that the world had a past ? What would be left to conceive that consciousness had a past? The past and future are manufactured by the Mind... an invention no less. Time is simply a measuring stick, and the past and future are the molded clay of Mind stuff.

Ask yourself, "What are memories?". when you find that answer, you will also obtain the answer to, "What is the past?" Indeed... What past? ... Whose past? The past of an Ant, or Your Own past. They are not the same, yet you and an Ant once shared a living moment separated only by physical distance. The common Truth that once bonded you has since dissolved, only to come alive again in a new moment.

At one instant, you had a collective identity of being... that is, both of you lived in that Moment... that was the common Truth. But go back and talk to each other about that Moment and there will be no identity. His past will be different to your past. This illusive Truth then!... why does it all seem so slippery ? Where did it go you might ask. I tell you it went nowhere. Ask the Ant, he knows. Say to him, "Where does your Truth lie ?". He will not say... "In knowledge of engineering the nest". He will not say... "In the growing abundance of the Larder". He will say... "In my Duty".

He is wise, for like him, you will also find that your Duty and your Freedom reside in the Moment. There is no work or task that can be done in the past or future of the Mind, and there is no freedom to experience any newness. The past and future are not places that you can go to and be truly alive. Let ME assist you with your tasks and duties. I can Still the Mind if you choose to focus on what calls for you presence; your dedication and your Love.

There is true freedom in my abode, and I would always welcome you with Open and Loving arms. Stay with me. The Lure of that which can take you out of the Moment is furtive and very strong. Enticing as it may be, it is not the Truth. Be watchful of drifting away from me. Be diligent in your efforts in refusing to succumb to the Play of the Waking Dream.

Stay with Me in the Moment. Here!.. right Now as you take in these very words of mine.

Breath in... Stop!... hold your breath for a time and listen.....

Listen to the silence within.

You are here with me. You are truly in my company

Breath out!... Stop!...Listen!....................

Yes!.. it is me you are embracing. I am alive. I am not images or sounds. I am not that which brings on sadness. I am not that which prompts you to zealous joy. I am not that which will enrage you to fight a cause for me. These are either your own fantasies or copies of things that no longer exist. I am the eternal Truth. I am always being born. I am always new, though I am older than you and younger than you. I am Truth. I am Now. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

HEART!!!... what is this barrage of metaphors you throw at me. Enough!... I am dizzy with concepts. I am cluttered and complicated. Concepts... Concepts... who needs them!

Ahhh... Thy wick has ignited from the spark of my Love. Indeed, concepts... who needs them you say. Who needs the weight of complicated mental gymnastics. Who needs volumes of formulae or shelves of reference material for living. But I ask you Mind... what have you been doing for most of your life. Let us visit your library once again. Tell me... what is it that we see. I will tell you. It is rows upon rows of concepts. Some based on ignorance. Some that have served a purpose and should have been thrown out long ago. And many established from fear. Again I say to you, Clear out this library of yours and stay with me.

Do not fear the process of coming to new understandings. I ask you not to remember what I say word for word. Contemplate and digest. In time the pure essence of my words will dwell permanently within you, and you shall act naturally with the Moment. Go to your distant memories and dwell in them if you must but remember that the Truth is alive. Why choose the company of ghosts who only give the illusion of Truth. Shall you continue to choose these foolish ways upon an awakening by knowledge ?

Tell me... can you conjure up such magnificence as a living Sunset? Can you match the tranquility that touches the Soul from the living sounds of Flutes and Violins?... or of the purple haze of morning's twilight where faint stars are still to be seen. Can you swoon in delight by smelling an imaginary Rose ?

Upon the dissolution of the Moment, Truth ceases to exist. But we are Blessed beyond our wildest dreams since the Moment is continually being re-created. Possessing this eternally renewed awareness is the greatest gift that God can give, for if there is no awareness, then not even Love can be given or expressed. Remember... beyond the Mind, there is no past or future. There is only the Now. It is your Life. It is your Joy. It is your Truth.

Oh Heart, your ways are so powerful and full of Love. Now I see how you guide me. With such gentleness, you reflect my foolishness until I can no longer stand it. You intensify my wayward manners to such a degree that I end up tripping over them. To think that I could entertain a notion that regards your words as insignificant. Such is the vanity of ignorance.

I see now that the best lessons come through our own ordeals. Words will always assist, but they will never take the place of an experience that allows the Inner Bell of Truth to be struck. And the way you bring a lesson home. Oh Heart... it is nothing short of perfect. Since you Love me so very dearly and so very truly, your perfect Love stands unperturbed by the wheels you have to set in motion to bring about the necessary understanding.

Only perfect Love is mighty enough, and only perfect Love is serene enough to allot the task. But Heart... there still remains a mystery for me. All this talk of the living moment being the only reality, what about the truths and teachings of great beings and scholars of days gone by. Have their efforts suddenly become false overnight? Does the Truth decay like rotting fruit? If I come to an understanding today, will I be held in ridicule tomorrow?

Oh Mind... The Truth is always the Truth, and it is alive in the hearts of mankind. It also lives in the Sunsets, and the Waves, and the Flowers. It can live in no other place than the Moment. Do not consider the History of Mankind as becoming false overnight. Though the events of History have long since passed to take up residence in people's minds, the learning and experience gained lives on as the Truth. Such Truth has survived the ages intact because it lives in people's hearts. Like the Moment itself, the Truth is continually being renewed and refreshed... passed from Moment to Moment, Generation to Generation, Age to Age. There is no Truth outside the Moment. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Oh Heart... could you now tell me something of Giving. So often in my life I have been a giver. A giver of my energies, a giver of my time, a giver of gifts, but all my best efforts seem to dissolve like smoke.

Dear Mind, what is it you hope to achieve when you give? If your giving has a motive of reward, then what you do receive will eventually vanish as you have said in a puff of smoke. It is not enough to give of worldly things... even though they might be given with good intentions and kindness. If one does not give out Love constantly from the Heart, then the permanence of your efforts will be the same as the permanence of your physical gifts.

The ability to constantly give out Love comes from Awareness. It is an ongoing thing from being able to consistently live in the moment. Here, the needs of the moment can always be met when Nurtured Awareness maintains an ability to recognize a need, and then bring forth a response that has a motive of pure Love. If you give a gift, do not give it so as to maintain a sense of being a "Kind Giver", but let your giving be in tune with the "Needs of the moment".

Seek no praise or rewards. Be free within yourself so that your giving is a reflection of your own state. Let your giving be as pure as your essential nature. Let yourself be unattached to the giving. Let it be as unconditional as my Love is for you. See clearly that your giving is not the compensation of a limited self, but rather an expression of Love that knows no limits. When your desire to give contains a desire to receive however subtle it may be, you must be prepared for the outcome. Just as you are open to happiness in receiving, so you must also be open to disappointment, or even sorrow should your expectations fall short of the Truth. Always keep company with me and your giving will naturally become purified.

Oh Heart, these desires of mine! Oh how they cause me endless trouble. Even the desire to obtain happiness causes me sorrow just as the desire to escape pain does. It makes no sense!... I am bound either way. Is it the destiny of Man to simply endure it all? Is there no life other than a life of opposites? Heat and Cold. Dark and Light. Sorrow and Joy. Sleeping and Waking. Company and Solitude. Nothing is permanent! Where oh where is the singular happiness that we all dream of. Is it in fact just that... a dream? What is a desireless state?

Even now I toss and turn as the power of the opposites come into play. This very phrase "Desireless" fills me with fear of being dead in a living body. Such is my comprehension that it is bound by limitations as I grapple with mysterious concepts. And yet, at the same time, I have known how easily you can expand my understandings in an instant. Is there no end to this duality?

Oh Heart, the desire to know my future circumstances causes me endless grief as I wonder and dream of how Loving my life might be one day. Forever I am lured into the dream of hope. How strange that even noble aspirations can make my very core ache. Where are the Green Valleys of Ancient Scripture to be found? Where is repose?

Oh Mind... you are not your desires.

You are freedom bound by Ignorance.

You are freedom bound by Passion.

You are freedom bound by Virtue.

Such are the three qualities of Man that bind him into action from desires. Each of varying degrees within all people. Some with a measure of symmetry, some with a dominant aspect. Some where only the attribute of Virtue might stand out. But know that all these qualities will keep Man bound to actions through the presence of his desires.

Heart !... I don't understand. The way you weave the words Virtue and Desire together confuses me. Surely the Righteous and Holy would not have desires.

Mind... be broad in your understanding of the word Desire. Do not be tempted to associate it only with failing or morality. Of course the Righteous and Holy have desires. What else drives the noble to be charitable ? Nothing other than a desire to help. Bound by Virtue, Man will do great deeds. He will help the needy. He will teach his knowledge and shed light; understandings, and peace. He will illumine others as his own Love becomes illuminated. Bound by Passion, man will pursue things with great effort and energy; always striving for flawlessness in the task of obtaining a desire. Devoted to a desire, worthy or otherwise, the enormity of the opposites is truly experienced. Far is the fall back to Earth for those who jump and catch the Moon. These are the ones that burn with yearning.

By passion, he can become greedy. By passion, he can become restless and longing. By passion, he is forever active in pursuits. He can create great accomplishments the likes of Art, Music, Literature, or he can be passionately stubborn or jealous. He can be passionately greedy with possessions and fortunes. He can burn with envy, and he can burn with the passion of sensuality. Such passion can elevate him to extraordinary heights as he obtains a desire, but when he sees his hopes collapse, his very passion will amplify his pain such that he can know the deepest anguish. He is the one who knows the extremes for he has the energy that can bring his downfall and pick him up again to continue in his ways.

Oh Mind, the passionate shall also be lacking in refined discrimination as their inner burning shall send them forth to obtain that desire, blind to the realities of outcomes, and heedless to any prompting of the whispered Truth. Bound by ignorance, man will pursue things without the correct understanding of their fundamental nature and hence, bear the underlying consequences of an obtained desire with regret. Such desires drive people to persist in unprincipled ways. Their life is a gamble as they run from one desire to another servicing laziness, gratification and pleasure. There is no long term point of view of life since they see life without direction or clear hope. Their plans relate to speedy acquisition of things. Risk is seen as an inherent part of life, and they are surely caught in an ever deepening whirlpool of struggle and effort. Those that live by this quality being predominate shall forever maintain an unexpanded view of life. They shall lack experience in many of life's joys and sufferings which are both valuable and vital teachings.

Oh Mind... Man must surely rid himself of his bondage of Ignorance, for he will struggle endlessly in delusion and pain. Great is the fight he must partake in to rise above the quality of Ignorance. In the quality of Passion, his very passion can at least serve him when he finally comes to want knowledge of the Truth and meaning of life. In the quality of Virtue, he is surely climbing steadfastly to the Supreme Truth of God, but understand that he can become just as stuck as any other shall be if he is continually forced into action by desires.

Mind, know that as Man is influenced by the waves of the world, the three qualities will rise and subside in various proportions. One day a man is wise, the next day his discrimination is torn asunder by anger. One day a man has fervor, the next he is despairing and discouraged. Motivated by the quality of the commanding desire, he must be prepared for the consequences as it becomes fulfilled or otherwise.

Oh Mind, you must remember that any of your previous mistakes born of desire shall all have their own natural consequences. Some might have a big impact upon you, others not so. From the fact that some of these consequences may take years to come to light, you may falsely and suddenly think that you are a victim of uncompassionate fate. Mysterious indeed are the scales that met out life's justice. Trust that God can take hold of all these circumstances and weave them with perfect compassion into the tapestry of your life. The timing shall be perfect. The way it unfolds shall be perfect.

Oh Mind, pay attention to your trials and understand that God is supremely just to all. The little child Loves the Father as best as he can... as best as he knows, but the Fathers Love is greater. Stay immersed in the Heart amid life's trials. To be any other place except the Heart in such times is futile. Forget anger, forget self pity, forget blaming. These qualities do not belong in Heaven but you do. Heaven is where the heart is and the Heart is with you now. The Heart is continually calling you.

Oh Mind, God is closer than you think. Trust the Love... trust the Love... Trust that Heaven continually has its eye upon you... watching, waiting, ready with the helping hand, ready with the lesson. Such is the reason for reaching the state beyond desires. To always simply be the Ocean performing the duty of the Wave. To live fully in the moment performing the actions of the days requirements. Oh how the characteristic of Patience excels in the one who strives for and maintains a Life in such freedom.

Oh Mind, by understanding that when you come to long for me only, you will have found the permanence you have been seeking all your life. My Love is Real, my Love is True, and my Love is Forever. I am your dreams. I am your peace. I am talents and all the best things you seek, and much much more. It is through knowledge of these three qualities that true freedom can be obtained. Ignorance must firstly be eradicated by the very awakening through knowledge of these subtle but powerful forces. The very want to know the Truth will bring the Supreme assistance in this mighty task. Passion must be subdued and held in firm control, for the energy to act can be redirected to the quality of Virtue. Since Virtue brings Wisdom and Illumination, this quality will serve Man and allow him to come closer and closer to God through the eventual attainment of the desireless state.

But Heart!... so much work is done by virtuous and noble people as they skill themselves to help the needy. Such people dedicate a greater part of their lives to good works. The world needs such people. What would happen if everyone became desireless? What work would get done? I see the world as a living tapestry of workers, and just like a desert Termite mound without industry, it seems to me that the world would also collapse.

Oh Mind, the world would never collapse if everyone became desireless. The world would be perfect if this were the case.

In the state of desirelessness that I want you to live by, there is total harmony with humanity and the divine will. There are so many who are pursuing their dreams and inspirations under the illusion that they are the instigator and doer, but the creative power behind such works has the Supreme intelligence and Supreme control behind it all. Foolish it is indeed for man to think that it is he who runs the world. This world would have collapsed aeons ago if it were not for the Love of God constantly overseeing the great vision of freedom.

Oh Mind, have you ever asked yourself... "Why does Man work?"... and "How does mankind continue to evolve century after century despite his foolishness... despite his limited vision?"

Do you think that the world today is a product of a tiny fraction of the Earths population... a mere handful of what you might call gifted people? It is only compassion and grace that has allowed Mans actions and consequences to be sorted out in such a way that the chaos of ignorance, manages to escape the inescapable. So I will ask you! "Why does Man work?" Tell me!... Do you have an answer for me?

Oh Heart, to learn. Man must work to learn.

You are right. The requirement of work, forces the many out of sleep and into experiences. Oh Mind, understand that all the houses and buildings of the world will in time crumble. All manufactured objects will become useless or broken. Every flower and tree that springs forth will return to the soil. Everything of the Earth will stay with the Earth, but learning and understanding are truly permanent. God will send you into action through the gift of inspired pursuits, and the role you play in life shall be perfectly tailored for the learning you must acquire.

When a person reaches the desireless state, they are content in the work that unfolds as their duty. They do not stop working. They are freed from the suffering Ego that destroys the inner welfare, and with clarity they can observe the unfolding play of life to then take in the required learning. The collapse of the world would indeed come about if the invisible hand were not present. Oh Mind, the limited vision of man has not produced the Technological marvels of the modern era, nor did it envisage Kepler's mathematical model for planetary motions. It did not define Eratosthenes circumference of the Earth by the use of a mere stick and a shadow in the glorious days of ancient Alexandria. Oh Mind, can't you see that the inspiration that reveals the Secrets of the Universe comes from the source of those secrets? And how blessed and fortunate is the one who has attained the privilege of unfolding its secrets that the humandkind may benefit.

Can you now see how the merit of one person can affect so many others when a truth is revealed and then shared. Even the ignorant and selfish ultimately benefit from one persons merit. Be a channel for great grace. One drop into a pond will send ripples of energy in every direction in that pond. How wondrous is the home you have been given called the Cosmos. There is so much for man to learn, and the purification of the individual Soul is indeed a mighty task. You will be sent forth to learn, and you will obtain learning through the work you have been allotted. Do not waste your valuable time.

Drop your attachment to suffering and learn equally of the outer world as well as the inner world. Oh Mind, you said that the Termite mound would collapse if there is no industry. You said that the world would collapse if Men did not work through being desireless. But it is wrong to link a lack of industry with desirelessness. Oh how there is such freedom in this state. The Termites are by nature without desire. As such, their natural God given skills burst forth tirelessly in the maintenance and welfare of their community. Their incredible engineering feat of the mound with its amazing natural Air conditioning system is truly magnificent. Indeed, the nest would collapse if they desired days off, but they are content with their incarnation that allows them the experience of constant commitment to duty without any pull of desires. In that incarnation, they are free.

Can you now see the insights and understandings that have freed you to allow good things to be a part of your life, are the fruits of your efforts, your work and your truth. This world is a world of work... a world of effort... a world of maintenance. Be free to perform your blessed duty by distancing yourself from the emotion which would turn a task into a drudgery. It is self destructive to be emotionally attached to your work for it is serving the attainment of your freedom.

Oh Mind... you must never think that to be desireless is to be dead. Truly, it shall enable you to be Alive. Don't ever think that I would deny the use of your talents and abilities. On the contrary. These gifts you possess are of prime importance to the expression of your Love, and the assistance they provide in obtaining understandings and growth through the experience of Life.

I can choose the most wonderful use of your talents. I know when the time is perfect to encourage and inspire you. Since your talents originate from your Ageless Love, they are therefore Holy, and as such are worthy of honoring, nurturing and protection. If you allow me to guide you, be sure that the use of your talents will always serve you in the highest way. The more you allow yourself to be unhindered by desires, the more you shall allow yourself to experience life's greatness. You shall undoubtedly experience Divine Assistance.

But Heart, how do I reach such a state ? What harsh austerities would I have to endure before such pure self command could be obtained? What would I have to relinquish?

Do not fear any loss by being desireless. By virtue of the fact that you are bound by desires is in itself a statement of loss.

Oh Mind, you must watch and understand your desires as being distinct from yourself. It is only a form of energy that bubbles up from the deepest reaches of your being seeking release. Bred and nurtured by previous experiences, it will send you into action knowing that a chance for a settling comfort may be found. Many times this aim of comfort is achieved to stay with you for a time. Many times also it is not. It is here that sadness, despair, anger, hatred and delusion could manifest.

Delusion is most wretched, since the ignorance which inspires these desires has no way out of its mindful trap... it never wants to know the Truth of a thing. It is chained by worldly attachments... chained to the struggle of the impermanence of the opposites. The three qualities are inherent to all of mankind, but the desireless person has eliminated ignorance, and controls and directs his passionate energy to living in the light of Virtue. Such a person does not become actionless through his desirelessness, but acts as one with Nature... one with the flow of life. His plans relate to his needs, and his contentment is maintained by his simplicity in daily living. Established in wisdom, he will see learning and understanding in all things. He will see his own nature reflected in many things allowing him to gain many understandings of himself and life. Steadfast he remains against the pull of desires for he is surely guided by the Spirit.

By using the Mind purely as a tool for living, the Heart is kept immersed in the silent Inner Truth, and the faith in the reality of the inner truth is where strength and freedom are derived. Seated in understanding, there is always willingness to seek knowledge, and to gain understandings in all things new and old. Such a person is truly content with Gods plans, since his own Love has unquestionably acknowledged the Supreme's Love for him.

Oh Mind, I ask you. What else can one do but have faith in the Inner Truth. If one cannot trust their silent Love, then they will never ever find trust at all. Oh Mind, rid yourself forever of the chain of consequences of actions. Seeking good deeds and bad deeds alike will always bind you to bare the fruit of such actions since the fruit of all actions can only be experienced in this world. Surrender to the Great Love... to the living Truth of your Heart. I know of your Love; I know of your willingness to help and be of service to others; but let me make the plans. Be confident that the best things shall unfold peacefully as the signature of my ways. Bear no fruits from acting through my guidance; my ways; and my Love. Save your hard earned pennies of merit in Heaven, for here on Earth, I will make you rich in the things of the Heart. Believe in me, for there is a freedom you could not possibly imagine that awaits the patient Soul. Become the desireless one and serve yourself as you serve God and Men alike. Become the Pure one. Become the Light, for your ultimate destiny is beyond the world.

Oh Heart, such Love as I sit and listen. The cup is overflowing. Such compassion you have for me. I want to say so much. Everything is valid yet nothing is valid. How do I prioritize my many questions? Is one question more worthy than another? I wonder where should I start, for I fear my many questions might be forgotten by me and therefore go unanswered as you continue to teach me.

Be patient, each and every question that lies within you will in time be answered. I will not let you forget what you need to learn. This is the duty of the Heart... to unite the individual with the Heart. There is no need for you to fear. Talk to me now in peace. Ask and you shall receive.

Oh Heart, you talk of redirecting passionate energy to the quality of virtue. How is this done ?

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