Increase Your Skills Through the Panic Attack Self-Help Program

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Read about a successful self-help program for people with social anxiety disorder, social phobia.When you do decide to help yourself become more comfortable socially, you will be able to use all the skills and understandings covered throughout the Panic Attack Self-Help Program. Let me briefly remind you of some of these. Do not be misled by the fact that I describe them in only a few sentences. Most of these skills reflect the foundation upon which mental health professionals treat many anxiety disorders. After you have read the previous sections of this social anxieties self-help program, turn to the Panic Attack Self-Help Program to start your self-help program. Refer to The Seven Issues of Recovery and How to Get Comfortable any time you need to clarify your special concerns.

Step 2 It will be important to understand the body's anxiety reaction and how the mind plays a significant part in those symptoms.

Step 3 Study the value of the right attitude when facing symptoms.

Step 4 Master the basics of relaxation.

Step 5 Practice the breathing skills.

Step 6 Study the important principle of paradox.

Step 7 of the Panic Attack Self-Help Guide will link all the skills together by outlining a step-by-step program for facing your actual feared situations. Use Step 7 as your guide to putting all these skills and principles, including those within The Seven Issues of Recovery and How to Get Comfortable, into practice.

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