Self Hypnosis To Achieve Deep Relaxation

Give yourself some useful new instructions. You can hypnotize yourself if you put your mind to it. It' s not dangerous - you can't get 'stuck' under hypnosis or give yourself some harmful command. You'll just use the space given by deep relaxation to put some constructive thoughts where they'll do most good.

Start by lying on the floor or sitting in a straight backed chair, hands in your lap. If you have time, go through the foot-to-head relaxation.

If time is short, do some breathing exercises to set the scene and put you in a calm and peaceful frame of mind.

The Script

Self hypnosis as treatment for anxiety. Learn how to hypnotize yourself to achieve deep relaxation.Say to yourself, 'Everything I am doing makes me healthier, more relaxed, and more in control of my life. I will wake up immediately if I need to. When you feel comfortably relaxed, imagine sitting on a wooden bench in a beautiful garden, full of flowers. Bees are buzzing gently, and the sun warms your skin. At the end of the garden there's a gate. You walk through, noting the rough texture of the weathered wood as you push it open. Beyond it are steps leading down to a secluded beach, with waves gently lapping on the sand. You walk slowly down, feeling the coolness of stone. under your feet as you count the steps - one, two, three... at every step you feel more relaxed... four, five, six... deeply calm and relaxed... seven, eight, nine... your body is relaxed, your mind open to all the good that can come to you here... ten. You are on this beautiful beach, knowing you are perfectly safe and can leave whenever you want. Enjoy the peace and serenity. Nearby you see a wrought-iron seat facing the sea. You sit down and say to yourself, 'I am peaceful, happy and perfectly in control of my life. I easily cope with everything that happens.' Now pinch the fold of skin between thumb and first finger on your right hand (pinch your thumb if you're pregnant). From now on you can relax at will, simply by doing that and remembering this peaceful place. Repeat, 'I am peaceful, happy and perfectly in control of my life. I easily cope with everything that happens. I can relax at will, simply by pinching my right hand and thinking of this place.' When you're ready, return to the steps, knowing you can come back here any time you like. You will return to everyday consciousness as you count down, but will be able to relax at will. Count slowly down from ten, as you walk up the steps, starting to notice the everyday sounds around you. By zero you are back to everyday consciousness, relaxed and alert.

Getting started

You can do this without making a tape, but it's easier to follow spoken .instructions - simply read out the script on this page. Speak in a slow, calm, rather monotonous voice and remember to leave pauses. You can give your self any suggestions you like on your secluded beach, but they must be positive, clear and harm-less. In an emergency, just say to yourself, 'One, two three, ready.' You can snap out of hypnosis instantly, but a brief wake-up formula reduces the jolt. If you find it hard to visualize, just do the counting many people find this equally effective. For deeper relaxation use 30 steps down to the beach instead of 10.


When you are wound up about stressful events that have occurred during the day, being unable to go to sleep is the final straw. When nothing seems to work, try this technique of self-hypnosis. It is worth learning it beforehand (read it over to yourself till you know it), then when you come to need it, it will be effortless. Lying down, close your eyes. Imagine a familiar image, say, for example, your bedroom (but keep your eyes shut). Say to your self: 'Nothing but this room exists.' Visualize all the different details that go to make up this room: the ceiling, the walls (are there pictures on them?), the floor (does it have a carpet or rug?), the windows (what are the curtains like?), the furniture dressing table, chest of drawers, wardrobe, the bed on which you are lying. In your mind work systematically from one end of the room to the other, from top to bottom. Then, one by one, wipe the image of each of these details from your mind, until everything has gone. You are left with absolute total emptiness. Concentrate on this void, with you in the middle of it, for a few moments. You will experience a feeling of relaxation coming from it. If you still cannot sleep, repeat the exercise several times. It's usually successful after only a few minutes of 'disconnection'.

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